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27 April  2016 14th Iranian Workshop on Chemometrics

17 Jaunary  2012 Prof. Babak Kaboudin among ISI highly-cited researchers

31 October  2010 9th Iranian Chemometrics Workshop, Nov 1-3, 2010

12 November  2008 8th Iranian Chemometrics Workshop, 7 - 9 February 2009


Kowsari, M. H. and Naderlou, S.

Lashgari, M. and Zeinalkhani, P.

Najafpour, M. M., Heidari, S., Balaghi, S. E., Hołyńska, M., Hossaini Sadr, M., Soltani, B., Khatamian, M., Larkum, A. W. and Allakhverdiev, S. I.

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1- M.Sc. defense session
Superabsorbent Polymers (SAP) Containing Nano-semiconductor in Organic Synthesis
Marouf Heshami، Chemistry Department
01 February 2017, 10:00
2- Ph.D. defense session
Design and Fabrication of Micro/Nanofluidic Analytical Devices
Mojtaba Karimi Kargar، Chemistry Department
25 Jaunary 2017, 11:00
3- IASBS speaker
Modified protein purification methods using Ni2+ Nitrilotriacetic Acid
Amin Iranpak، Chemistry Department
04 Jaunary 2017, 8:00
4- IASBS speaker
Solar Fuels
Parisa Zeinalkhani، Chemistry Department
December 31, 15:30
5- Ph.D. defense session
New Applications of Nano TiO2 and Cds in Photocatalytic Syntheses of Amines, Nitrones and Formamides & Photochemical Syntheses of Formamides, Hydroxylamines, Azoxy and Nitrones
Moosa Ramdar، Chemistry Department
December 28, 10:00
6- IASBS speaker
The causes of oil and gas souring process with emphasizing on the role of sulphate/sulfur reducing bacteria (SRB)
Majid Ghanimati، Chemistry Department
December 24, 15:30
7- Ph.D. defense session
Design of Novel Magnetic Core-Shell Nanoparicles Modified with Hydrophilic Ionic Liquids as Quasi-homogeneous Catalyst Support for Organic Reactions
Fariborz Mansouri، Chemistry Department
December 07, 10:00