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May  17 23rd Annual IASBS Meeting on Condensed Matter Physics & Workshop on topological phases of…

17 September  2016 IASBS-ICTP International Workshop on Structured Light and Matter, 17-23 September 2016…

26 May  2016 22nd Annual IASBS Meeting on Condensed Matter Physics May 26-27, 2016 …

12 May  2016 19th Meeting on Research in Astronomy at IASBS, 12 - 13 May, 2016 …


Mohammadi Razi, E. and Rasouli, S.

Mohammadi, H., Esckandariun, B. and Najafi, A.

Bahmani, L., Neysari, M. and Maleki, M.

Jafari, R. and Johannesson, H.

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1- Invited speaker
Quantum Mechanics in the New Century
Dr. Vahid Karimipour، Earth Sciences Department
16 Jaunary 2017, 14:00
2- Invited speaker
Topological phase transitions and topological quantum order
Abdollah langari، Sharif University
09 Jaunary 2017, 14:00
3- Ph.D. defense session
Unwrapping Dynamics of Dinucleosome in a Chromatin Fiber
Fatemeh Khodabandeh، Physics Department
04 Jaunary 2017, 10:00
4- Ph.D. defense session
Theoretical modeling of di and four-Nucleosomes structure in a chromatin fiber.
Seyed Hashem Fatemi، Physics Department
04 Jaunary 2017, 14:00
5- M.Sc. defense session
Fabrication and Investigation of Fiber Optical Sensor for Discharge Detection
Ali Ojaghloo، Physics Department
02 Jaunary 2017, 9:00
6- IASBS speaker
Star clusters: where we stand and the road ahead
Pouria Khalaj، Physics Department
02 Jaunary 2017, 14:00
7- Ph.D. defense session
Investigation of Pattern Formation in Evaporating Bio-Colloid drops
Leila Bahmani، Physics Department
December 28, 14:00