Phd defense session
Development of TuckFMIN for resolution of three-way biochemical fluorescence data and DNAzyme nano-assemble investigation
Zohre Shomali، Chemistry Department
28 May 2018, 9:30
Supervisior: M. Kompany Zareh
Place: IASBS Lecture Hall

Msc defense session
Sequential Monte Carlo Samplers for Capital Allocation under Copula-dependent Risk Models
Hamid Layeeni، Mathematics Department
30 May 2018, 11
Supervisior: B. Akhtari
Place: Torkaman Lecture Hall

Phd defense session
: Regeneration of Energy Landscapes for Many-Body Systems with Covalent and Ionic Interactions
Robabeh Rasoulkhani، Physics Department
30 May 2018, 14
Supervisior: A. Ghasemi
Place: IASBS Lecture Hall