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1مقالهMosaddegh, B
Takalloo, Z
Sajedi, R. H
Shahangian, S. S
Hasani, L
Rasti, B
2018-02-10An inter-subunit disulfide bond of artemin acts as a redox switch for its chaperone-like activity
2مقالهCheraghi, N
Hosseini, M
Mohammadinejad, S
2018-02-06Pore formation and the key factors in antibacterial activity of aurein 1.2 and LLAA inside lipid bilayers, a molecular dynamics study
3مقالهNarmani, A
Kamali, M
Amini, B
Kooshki, H
Amini, A
Hasani, L
2018-02-05Highly sensitive and accurate detection of Vibrio cholera O1 OmpW gene by fluorescence DNA biosensor based on gold and magnetic nanoparticles
4مقالهAzami-Movahed, M
Meratan, A. A
Ghasemi, A
Ebrahim-Habibi, A
Nemat-Gorgani, M
2018-02-03Acetylation of lysine residues in apomyoglobin: Structural changes, amyloid fibrillation, and role of surface charge
5مقالهJazaeri, E
Mahdavi, A
Abdoli, A
2017-11-30Formulation of chitosan with the polyepitope HIV-1 protein candidate vaccine efficiently boosts cellular immune responses in mice
6مقالهMahdavimehr, M
Meratan, A. A
Ghobeh, M
Ghasemi, A
Saboury, A. A
Nemat-Gorgani, M
2017-11-13Inhibition of HEWL fibril formation by taxifolin: Mechanism of action
7مقالهعبدلی, ا
مهدوی, ع
جزایری, ا
2017-11-06روش‌های عملی در ویروس‌ شناسی، کشت سلولی و تکنیک‌های مولکولی (همراه با پروتکل)
8مقالهRoqanian, S
Meratan, A. A
Ahmadian, S
Shafizadeh, M
Ghasemi, A
Karami, L
2017-10-15Polyphenols protect mitochondrial membrane against permeabilization induced by HEWL oligomers: Possible mechanism of action
9مقالهDezhampanah, H
Firouzi, R
Hasani, L
2017-09-30Intermolecular interaction of nickel (ii) phthalocyanine tetrasulfonic acid tetrasodium salt with bovine serum albumin: A multi-technique study
10مقالهجزایری, ا
مهدوی, ع
عبدلی, ا
2017-09-30بررسی ایمنی زایی واکسن پلی توپ کاندید HIV مبتنی بر DNA در مدل موشی و تأثیر رویکردهای استفاده از ادجوانت آلوم و تزریق زیر جلدی بر میزان کارآیی آن
11مقالهMoradi, P
Mahdavi, A
Khoshkam, M
Iriti, M
2017-09-28Lipidomics Unravels the Role of Leaf Lipids in Thyme Plant Response to Drought Stress
12مقالهKazemi, F
Mohamadnia, Z
Kaboudin, B
Allahyari, E
2017-09-06Synthesis and characterization of maleylated cellulose-g-polyacrylamide hydrogel using TiO2 nanoparticles under sunlight
13مقالهKargar, F
Emadi, S
Fazli, H
2017-07-15The molecular behavior of a single β-amyloid inside a dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine bilayer at three different temperatures: An atomistic simulation study: Aβ interaction with DPPC: Atomistic simulation
14مقالهDezhampanah, H
Esmaili, E
Hasani, L
2017-06-07Milk caseins as useful vehicle for delivery of dipyridamole drug
15مقالهSajjadian, Z
Cheraghi, N
Mohammadi Nejad, S
Hassani, L
2017-03-20Interaction of aurein 1.2 and its analogue with DPPC lipid bilayer
16مقالهGhahremani Nasab, M
Hassani, L
Mohammadi Nejad, S
Norouzi, D
2017-03-17Interaction of hemin with quadruplex DNA
17مقالهقسمتی, ز
محمدی نژاد, س
2017-03-05بررسی سازوکار انتقال انتخابی از میان کمپلکس منفذ هسته سلول-شبیه‌سازی دینامیک مولکولی
18مقالهAlipour, S
Mahdavi, A
Abdoli, A
2017-03-01The effects of CpG-ODNs and Chitosan adjuvants on the elicitation of immune responses induced by the HIV-1-Tat-based candidate vaccines in mice
19مقالهBahmani, L
Neysari, M
Maleki, M
2017-01-05The study of drying and pattern formation of whole human blood drops and the effect of thalassaemia and neonatal jaundice on the patterns
20مقالهفلاحتی, ز
مهدوی, ع
حسنی, ل
2016-12-22بررسی اثر یون Zn2+ بر ساختار پروتئین نوترکیب Tat کاندید واکسن ایدز با استفاده از تکنیک فلورسانس
21مقالهHamidinajafabady, A
Hassani, L
Mohammadi, F
Jahangoshayi, P
Mohammadi, K
2016-12-16The biological effects of vanadyl curcumin and vanadyl diacetylcurcumin complexes: the effect on structure, function and oxidative stability of the peroxidase enzyme, antibacterial activity and cytotoxic effect
22مقالهBigdeli, B
Goliaei, B
Masoudi-Khoram, N
Jooyan, N
Nikoofar, A
Rouhani, M
Haghparast, A
Mamashli, F
2016-12-15Enterolactone: A novel radiosensitizer for human breast cancer cell lines through impaired DNA repair and increased apoptosis
23مقالهMoradi, P
Mahdavi, A
2016-12-15Bioinformatics Tools and Data Analysis for MS-Based Metabolomics Datasets
24مقالهMahdavi, A
2016-12-15Web Resources and Softwares for Metabolite Identification in Mass Spectrometry Based Metabolomics Approach Parviz Moradi
25مقالهGhobeh, M
Ahmadian, S
Ebrahim-Habibi, M. B
Meratan, A. A
Ebrahim-Habibi, A
2016-12-03Effects of Dimethyl Sulfoxide and Mutations on the Folding of Abeta(25-35) Peptide: Molecular Dynamics Simulations
26مقالهMoradi, P
Mahdavi, A
Khoshkam, M
2016-11-30Modifications of leaf lipid composition in the responses of thyme plant to drought stress Parviz Moradi
27مقالهKhalilian, H. R
Fazli, H
2016-10-31Obstruction enhances the diffusivity of self-propelled rod-like particles
28مقالهAlipour, S
Mahdavi, A
Abdoli, A
2016-09-29Investigation of Immunogenicity of The HIV-1 Tat Protein Vaccine Formulated with Chitosan Nanoparticles in Mice Model
29مقالهMahdavi, A
Abdoli, A
2016-09-29Investigation of immunogenicity of the HIV-1 Tat protein vaccine formulated with Chitosan nanoparticles in mice model. Samira Alipour
30مقالهDezhampanah, H
Firouzi, R
Hasani, L
2016-07-19Spectroscopy and Molecular Modeling Study on Binding of Nickel Phthalocyanine to Human Serum Albumin
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