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NoActionSeminar TypeSpeaker NameSeminar TitleAffiliationDateTime
1MoreM.Sc. defense sessionRoshanak AnsarihaghiInteraction of aurein 1.2 and its analogue with different membranes using molecular dynamics simulation in atomistic and coarse-grained scales331396-11-1610:00
2MoreInvited speakerDr. Shiva AkhavantabasiMicroRNA-125 and Breast CancerYeni Yuzyil University1396-11-915:30
3MoreM.Sc. defense sessionMahsa AlamiInvestigating the impact of an azole component on invasion of HeLa cells 331396-10-2014:00
4MoreM.Sc. defense sessionSanaz ShirnasabianEncapsulation of Alpha- amylase Enzyme in Polyacrylamide Nanogel and its effect on Enzyme Stability 331396-10-1814:00
5MoreM.Sc. defense sessionMona FeizollahiThe effect of curcumin and its degradation products on stability of Horseradish peroxidase enzyme in denaturing conditions 331396-10-1610:00
6MoreM.Sc. defense sessionHesam Yousef NejadThe effect of an azole compounds on the invasion of MDA-MB-231 cell line331396-7-2611:00
7MoreM.Sc. defense sessionFatemeh GhafooriThe Impact of a Dicarboxylic Acid on Invasion of HeLA Cell Line 331396-7-2511:00
8MoreM.Sc. defense sessionHosein GhorbanpurThe effect of a di-carboxylic acid on the invasion of MDA-MB-231 cell line331396-7-2414:00
9MoreM.Sc. defense sessionZahra FalahatiInvestigation of the effect of different physicochemical factors on the structure and stability of HIV-1 Vaccine candidate recombinant Tat protein331396-7-1511:00
10MoreM.Sc. defense sessionRaziyeh Mohammadi araniThe structural study of a recombinant protein polytope HIV-1 Vaccine Candidate, using spectroscopic methods331396-7-1311:00
11MoreM.Sc. defense sessionMaryam PasdarnavabEffect of melatonin on calcium action potential of Helix aspersa neuron in a Pentylenetetrazol induced epileptic model and simulation result using neural models331396-7-1215:30
12MoreM.Sc. defense sessionMaryam OmidiStudying the effect of lithium chloride on response of MDA-MB231 cell line to ionizing radiation331396-7-1114:00
13MoreM.Sc. defense sessionMaryam NasiriInvestigation of Flavonoid Interaction with c-MYC Gene DNA331396-7-114:00
14MoreInvited speakerProf.. H. Vali"Investigation of Beam - Sensitive Materials Using Advanced Electron Microscopy"MC Gill University1396-6-810:00
15MoreM.Sc. defense sessionSamira RamshiniStudying the Effect of Lithium Chloride on Response of MCF-7 Cell Line to Ionizing Radiation331396-6-614:00
16MoreM.Sc. defense sessionAfsaneh SeyfiEffect of Crowding Agents on the Aggregation of Lysozyme Protein331396-5-2910:00
17MoreInvited speakerDr. Safieh AghazadehActivation of STAT3/HIF-1α/Hes-1 axis promotes Trastuzumab resistance in HER2- overexpressing Breast cancer cells via down regulation of PTENTehran University1396-5-1111:30
18MoreM.Sc. defense sessionNajmeh KianiDesign and development of a biosensor for detection of Cancer Stem Cells331396-3-1311:00
19MoreM.Sc. defense sessionNasim CheraghiInvestigating the Effective Factors in the Interaction of Aurein 1.2 and its Analog with Lipid Bilayer331396-3-212:00
20MoreM.Sc. defense sessionRoya Mokhtar AhmadabadiDesign and Development of Luciferase Reporter for Caspase 9 Activity331395-12-411:00
21MoreM.Sc. defense sessionElham GheisariEffect of Proteolytic Enzymes, Neprilysin and Insulin Degrading Enzyme, on Aggregation Process and Aggregates of Beta Amyloid Peptides: Anticipation, Molecular Analysis and Toxicity Assay331395-10-1314:00
22MoreM.Sc. defense sessionHamid Reza MansourPrediction of capability of protein binding to some lipid-like antifungal agents using from protein sequence data331395-7-2714:00
23MoreM.Sc. defense sessionNarges ShayestehPrediction of protein binding ability to some antibacterial antibiotics using the protein sequence information331395-7-2514:00
24MoreInvited speakerMonica BerryImidazolium-tagged glycan probes for non-covalent labelling of live cellsUniversity of Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom1395-6-2815:30
25MoreM.Sc. defense sessionElahe HeydariStudy on the effect of lysozyme hydrolysis, by trypsin and α-chymotrypsin, on the formation of lysozyme aggregates and also effect of these enzymes on the aggregated complexes of lysozymes molecules331395-6-2111:00
26MoreM.Sc. defense sessionSeyed Saman NematiSeparation of lipase from Serratia marceseens Enzyme Activity Measurement by Fluorescent Spectroscopy, and Chemometrical Analysis of Results331395-5-2010:00
27MoreM.Sc. defense sessionRasool HabibiInvestigating the effect of curcumin and its degradation products on structure and Function of the peroxidase enzyme331395-4-1210:00
28MoreM.Sc. defense sessionFatemeh KaskaniThe effect of curcumin, demethoxy curcumin and bisdemethoxy curcumin on structure, function and stability peroxidase enzyme331394-12-1611:30
29MoreM.Sc. defense sessionEhsanollah Jazaeri JouneghaniImmunization Evaluation of HIV-1 polyepitopic DNA prime/protein boost candidate vaccine in mice model331394-12-511:00
30MoreM.Sc. defense sessionSamira AlipourEfficiency Evaluation of a Cadidate Vaccine Based on HIV-1 Tat Protein Formulated by CpG ODN Adjuvant in Mice Model331394-12-514:30
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