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25 August  2016 Installation of a temporary seismic network in Sistan and Balochestan province

13 August  2012 Installation of a temporary seismic network in earthquake-stricken region of Ahar-Varzeghan

29 February  2012 Seminar on the Seismotectonics of Iran, March 6-7, 2012

10 Jaunary  2005 Construction of Iran's first online earthquake databank at IASBS

14 June  2004 New M.Sc. program in geophysics


Bayet-Goll, A., De Carvalho, C. N., Daraei, M., Monaco, P. and Sharafi, M.

Nozad Khalil, T., Motaghi, S. K.

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Geoelectrical Survey for detection of tunnels (2014/12)

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1- IASBS speaker
Gas shale
Nasrin Bahrami، Earth Sciences Department
23 Jaunary 2018, 17:00
2- IASBS speaker
Ophiolite and their origins
Sorayya Khorram، Earth Sciences Department
23 Jaunary 2018, 17:30
3- IASBS speaker
Cenozoic exhumation history of the Talesh Mountains, NW Iran
Saeed Madanipour، Earth Sciences Department
21 Jaunary 2018, 15:30
4- IASBS speaker
Landslide susceptibility mapping and its relation with active faulting
Maryam Kalantari، Earth Sciences Department
16 Jaunary 2018, 17:00
5- IASBS speaker
Surface deformation mapping of salt structures in the Central Iran using InSAR method
Mohammad Hossein Mohammadnia، Earth Sciences Department
16 Jaunary 2018, 17:30
6- IASBS speaker
Tectonic and hydrologic study about Zaribar lake
Somayh Karami ، Earth Sciences Department
02 Jaunary 2018, 17:00
7- IASBS speaker
Depth and geometry of the magnetic basement in the Mahneshan-Myaneh basin, based on analysis of aeromagnetic data
Ashkan Moaddel haghighi، Earth Sciences Department
02 Jaunary 2018, 17:30