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Start cooperation with the International Optics Academy

In the context of international cooperation, as well as strengthening the scientific and technical interests of IT, animation and multimedia in the country and following the contract between the University of Basic Sciences-Zanjan University and the International Academy of Optics, courses on these courses in the area The university office in Tehran began to work. These courses have already begun with Shiraz University in Fars province. Students will need to successfully pass online examinations after completing their short-term courses in order to obtain an international certificate. Short courses lead to the following comprehensive courses and the following separate certifications: The ACCP's Comprehensive IT Course consists of six short-term courses (totaling three years) The AAASP Comprehensive Animation and Multimedia Course consists of five short courses (totaling two and a half years) In addition, there will soon be separate courses with university-led international certifications on the technologies of JAVA, Java, and English as well as English courses required for courses. More information about the Optics Academy and its courses is available at the Academy website at the following address.


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Start cooperation with the International Optics Academy

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