1- Najafpour, M. M., Ebrahimi, F., Abasi, M., Hołyńska, M., Hosseini, S. M., "Manganese oxides supported on nano-sized metal oxides as water-oxidizing catalysts for water splitting systems: 1-synthesis and characterization", International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 41: (41), 18465-18471, (2016).

Water splitting to produce H2 is an important procedure for the conversion of intermittent energies. However, the reaction is energetically limited by the water-oxidation process. Herein, we report the synthesis of Mn oxide on nanoparticles of KAl3(SO4)2(OH)6, Co3O4, CuO, Fe3O4, MgO, NiO, SiO2, SnO2, TiO2, WO3, zeolite, ZnO and ZrO2 by a simple, low-cost and green procedure aiming at obtaining a good water-oxidizing catalyst. The obtained materials are characterized by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction studies.