1- Moradi, A., Ahadi Akhlaghi, E., Hajizadeh, F., S. Reihani, S. N., "Digital holography based submicron thermometry", Optics Express, 24: (25), 28678-28685, (2016).

Here we introduce a phase-shifting digital holography-based method to determine the temperature profile around an irradiated (sub-)micron spherical bead. The method utilizes a Mach-Zehnder interferometer implemented into an open setup microscope. The results of irradiated gold spheres with diameter of 400 nm and also silver-coated micron-sized silica beads embedded in silicone oil are presented. We show that the applied method is able to accurately determine the surface temperature with accuracy of 1 °C. Our experimental results perfectly confirm the theoretical prediction of temperature profile around the irradiated bead.