1- Najafpour, M. M., Amini, E., Madadkhani, S., "Nano-sized manganese oxide coated sea sand: A new water-oxidizing catalyst", International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 41: (48), 22866-22875, (2016).

H2 production by water splitting is a promising fuel to store the intermittent energies. However, water splitting is limited by water oxidation. Herein for the first time we used sea sand for support of nano-sized Mn oxide to obtain a new water-oxidizing catalyst. The compound was synthesized by a simple method and characterized by some methods. The water-oxidizing activities of the compound were also studied under cerium(IV) ammonium nitrate and photochemically produced Ru(bpy)33+. The results showed that the nano-sized manganese oxide coated sea sand is a good manganese-based water-oxidizing catalyst.