1- Najafpour, M. M., Zarei Ghobadi, M., Hosseini, S. M., Chae, K. W., Mehrabani, S., Rafighi, P., Bagheri, R., Song, Z., "Rethink about electrolyte: Potassium fluoride as a promising additive to an electrolyte for the water oxidation by a nanolayered Mn oxide", International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 42: (22), 15160-15166, (2017).

Water oxidation is a bottleneck of the hydrogen production through the water-splitting reaction. Herein, the promising role of fluoride on the water-oxidizing activity of a nanolayered Mn oxide under the electrochemical condition is reported. The experiments show the increase of the water-oxidizing activity of the nanolayered Mn oxide under an electro-water oxidation circumstance in the presence of potassium fluoride as a promising additive to an electrolyte. As a result, the required overpotential is decreased and the yield of oxygen evolution raised in the water-oxidation reaction.