1- Rasouli, S., Khazaei, A. M., Hebri , D., "Talbot carpet at the transverse plane produced in the diffraction of plane wave from amplitude radial gratings", Journal of the Optical Society of America A, 35: (1), 55-64, (2018).

We experimentally demonstrate and theoretically predict a new and unprecedented optical carpet that includes all the geometric shadow and far-field and near-field diffraction patterns at the transverse plane in the diffraction from a radial grating illuminated by a plane wavefront. The main feature of using radial grating is the continuous change of the spatial period along the radial direction. Therefore, the geometric shadow, and the near-field and far-field diffraction regimes are mixed at various propagation distances, and the traditional definitions for the different diffraction regimes would not apply here. We show that for a given propagation distance, at a certain radial distance the shadow regime changes to the near-field regime and at another certain radial distance, the diffraction pattern changes from a near-field to a far-field case.