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1مقالهPan, V. Y
Soleymani, F
Zhao, L
2018-01-01An efficient computation of generalized inverse of a matrix
2مقالهAhmad, F
Soleymani, F
Khaksar Haghani, F
Serra-Capizzano, S
2017-12-01Higher order derivative-free iterative methods with and without memory for systems of nonlinear equations
3مقالهFallahi, M
Ahmadi, E
Ramazani, A
Mohamadnia, Z
2017-10-15Trimerization of ethylene catalyzed by Cr-based catalyst immobilized on the supported ionic liquid phase
4مقالهRezaei, A
Mohammadi, Z
2017-10-15Annual safe groundwater yield in a semiarid basin using combination of water balance equation and water table fluctuation
5مقالهRoqanian, S
Meratan, A. A
Ahmadian, S
Shafizadeh, M
Ghasemi, A
Karami, L
2017-10-15Polyphenols protect mitochondrial membrane against permeabilization induced by HEWL oligomers: Possible mechanism of action
6مقالهRasouli, S
Yeganeh, M
2017-10-03Moiré patterns of curved line quasi-periodic structures
7مقالهKumar, A
Stanimirović, P. S
Soleymani, F
Krstić, M
Rajković, K
2017-09-09Factorizations of hyperpower family of iterative methods via least squares approach
8مقالهپیرایش, ر
داداشی آرانی, ح
برزگر, م. ر
2017-09-06ارائه مدل ریاضی پیش بینی ورشکستگی شرکت های پذیرفته شده در بورس اوراق بهادار تهران
9مقالهKazemi, F
Mohamadnia, Z
Kaboudin, B
Allahyari, E
2017-09-06Synthesis and characterization of maleylated cellulose-g-polyacrylamide hydrogel using TiO2 nanoparticles under sunlight
10مقالهHeydarinasab, F
Abouie, J
2017-09-05Inhomogeneous hard-core bosonic mixture with checkerboard supersolid phase: Quantum and thermal phase diagram
11مقالهMoradi, M
Najafi, A
2017-08-24Effective viscosity of a two-dimensional suspension of interacting active particles
12مقالهKhosravi, B
2017-08-24Comparison of Cayley graphs of semigroups and Cayley graphs of groups
13مقالهMazloom, A
Abedinpour, S
2017-08-11Superfluidity in density imbalanced bilayers of dipolar fermions
14مقالهKhosravi, B
2017-08-10The endomorphism monoids and automorphism groups of Cayley graphs of semigroups
15مقالهMoosavi, S. A
Montakhab, A
Valizadeh, A
2017-08-02Refractory period in network models of excitable nodes: self-sustaining stable dynamics, extended scaling region and oscillatory behavior
16مقالهMohseni, N
Fani, M
Dowling, J. P
Saeidian, S
2017-07-31Modeling the atomtronic analog of an optical polarizing beam splitter, a half-wave plate, and a quarter-wave plate for phonons of the motional state of two trapped atoms
17مقالهRasouli, S
Hebri, D
Khazaei, A. M
2017-07-24Investigation of various behaviors of near- and far-field diffractions from multiplicatively separable structures in the x and y directions, and a detailed study of the near-field diffraction patterns of 2D multiplicatively separable periodic structures u
18مقالهCordero, A
Soleymani, F
Torregrosa, J. R
Zaka Ullah, M
2017-07-15Numerically stable improved Chebyshev–Halley type schemes for matrix sign function
19مقالهHajizadeh, F
Shao, L
Andrén, D
Johnsson, P
Rubinsztein-Dunlop, H
Kall, M
2017-07-15Brownian fluctuations of an optically rotated nanorod
20مقالهKargar, F
Emadi, S
Fazli, H
2017-07-15The molecular behavior of a single β-amyloid inside a dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine bilayer at three different temperatures: An atomistic simulation study: Aβ interaction with DPPC: Atomistic simulation
21مقالهVarmaghani, F
Hassan, M
Nematollahi, D
Mallakpour, S
2017-06-28Electrochemical synthesis of diverse sulfonamide derivatives depending on the potential electrode and their antimicrobial activity evaluation
22مقالهNajafpour, M. M
Jameei Moghaddam, N
Hosseini, S. M
Madadkhani, S
Hołyńska, M
Mehrabani,, S
Bagheri, R
Song, Z
2017-06-22Nanolayered manganese oxides: insights from inorganic electrochemistry
23مقالهRezaei, A
Karimi, H
Zhan, H
24مقالهMousavi, F
Nouroozi, R
Vallone, G
Villoresi, P
2017-06-19Integrated optical modulator manipulating the polarization and rotation handedness of Orbital Angular Momentum states
25مقالهVasighi, M
Amini, H
2017-06-15A directed batch growing approach to enhance the topology preservation of self-organizing map
26مقالهLashgari, M
Elyas-Haghighi, P
Takeguchi, M
2017-06-15A highly efficient pn junction nanocomposite solar-energy-material [nano-photovoltaic] for direct conversion of water molecules to hydrogen solar fuel
27مقالهMohammadi, M
Fazli, H
Karevan, M
Davoodi, J
2017-06-15The glass transition temperature of PMMA: A molecular dynamics study and comparison of various determination methods
28مقالهAflaki, M
Shabanian, E
Davoodi, Z
Mohajjel, M
2017-06-12Reactivation versus reworking of the active continental margin during the Zagros collision: Mahallat–Muteh–Laybid complexes, Sanandaj–Sirjan zone, Iran
29مقالهG. Mojarrad, A
Zakavi, S
2017-06-08Photocatalytic activity of the molecular complexes of meso-tetraarylporphyrins with Lewis acids for the oxidation of olefins: Significant effects of Lewis acid and meso substituent
30مقالهHou, H. J. M
Najafpour, M. M
Moore, G. F
Allakhverdiev, S. I (Editors)
2017-06-06Photosynthesis: Structures, Mechanisms, and Applications
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