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1مقالهCordero, A
Soleymani, F
Torregrosa, J. R
Zaka Ullah, M
2017-07-15Numerically stable improved Chebyshev–Halley type schemes for matrix sign function
2مقالهVasighi, M
Amini, H
2017-06-15A directed batch growing approach to enhance the topology preservation of self-organizing map
3مقالهLashgari, M
Elyas-Haghighi, P
Takeguchi, M
2017-06-15A highly efficient pn junction nanocomposite solar-energy-material [nano-photovoltaic] for direct conversion of water molecules to hydrogen solar fuel
4مقالهMohammadi, M
Fazli, H
Karevan, M
Davoodi, J
2017-06-15The glass transition temperature of PMMA: A molecular dynamics study and comparison of various determination methods
5مقالهAflaki, M
Shabanian, E
Davoodi, Z
Mohajjel, M
2017-06-12Reactivation versus reworking of the active continental margin during the Zagros collision: Mahallat–Muteh–Laybid complexes, Sanandaj–Sirjan zone, Iran
6مقالهGhorbani, A
Najafi, A
2017-05-22Symplectic and antiplectic waves in an array of beating cilia attached to a closed body
7مقالهNikseresht, A
Azizi, A
2017-05-22Factorization with respect to a divisor-closed multiplicative submonoid of a ring
8مقالهNikseresht, A
2017-05-21Squarefree Zero-Divisor Graphs of Stanley-Reisner Rings
9مقالهNikseresht, A
2017-05-15Dual of codes over finite quotients of polynomial rings
10مقالهGholinejad, M
Bahrami, M
Nájera, C
2017-05-15A fluorescence active catalyst support comprising carbon quantum dots and magnesium oxide doping for stabilization of palladium nanoparticles: Application as a recoverable catalyst for Suzuki reaction in water
11مقالهاعتماد-سعید, ن
نجفی, م
2017-05-10خاستگاه نهشته‌های سیلیسی‌آواری پیش‌بومی نئوژن در شمال فروبار دزفول
12مقالهتقوی, ع
نجفی, م
اعتماد-سعید, ن
صدیق, م
2017-05-10تاریخچه دگرریختی در پیشانی بلندای فارس بر اساس الگوی چینه های رشدی در رسوبات همزمان با تکتونیک
13مقالهHeydari-turkmani, A
Zakavi, S
Nikfarjam, N
2017-05-05Novel metal free porphyrinic photosensitizers supported on solvent-induced Amberlyst-15 nanoparticles with a porous structure
14مقالهاعتماد-سعید, ن
حسینی برزی, م
2017-05-05خاستگاه زمین ساختی ماسه سنگ های سازند بایندور (نئوپروتروزوئیک پسین) در برش چپقلو، شمال غرب ایران
15مقالهNouroozi, R
2017-05-01Effect of Waveguide Inhomogeneity in a χ(2)-Based Pulsed Optical Parametric Amplifier
16مقالهFereidoonnezhad, M
Kaboudin, B
Mirzaee, T
Babadi Aghakhanpour, R
Golbon Haghighi, M
Faghih, Z
Faghih, Z
Ahmadipour, Z
Shahsavari, H. R
2017-04-25Cyclometalated Platinum(II) Complexes Bearing Bidentate O,O′-Di(alkyl)dithiophosphate Ligands: Photoluminescence and Cytotoxic Properties
17مقالهGholinejad, M
Ahmadi, J
Najera, C
Seyedhamzeh, M
Zareh, F
Kompany-Zareh, M
2017-04-21Graphene Quantum Dot Modified Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Stabilize PdCu Nanoparticles for Enhanced Catalytic Activity in the Sonogashira Reaction
18مقالهG. Mojarrad, A
Zakavi, S
2017-04-19Photocatalytic activity of the molecular complexes of meso-tetraarylporphyrins with Lewis acids for the oxidation of olefins: Significant effects of Lewis acid and meso substituent
19مقالهFereidoonnezhad, M
Niazi, M
Ahmadipour, Z
Mirzaee, T
Faghih, Z
Faghih, Z
Shahsavari, H. R
2017-04-18Cyclometalated Platinum(II) Complexes Comprising 2-(Diphenylphosphino)pyridine and Various Thiolate Ligands: Synthesis, Spectroscopic Characterization, and Biological Activity
20مقالهNabatian, G
Li, X.-H
Honarmand, M
Melgarejo, J. C
2017-04-15Geology, mineralogy and evolution of iron skarn deposits in the Zanjan district, NW Iran: Constraints from U-Pb dating, Hf and O isotope analyses of zircons and stable isotope geochemistry
21مقالهIzadi, M. A
Nouroozi, R
2017-04-15Ultralong propagation of a surface plasmon polariton wave within an ultrawide bandwidth via phase-sensitive optical parametric amplification
22مقالهHaghi, H
Khalaj, P
Hasani Zonoozi, A
Kroupa, P
2017-04-14A Possible Solution for the M/L–[Fe/H] Relation of Globular Clusters in M31. II. The Age–Metallicity Relation
23مقالهAkbarian, S
Najafpour, M. M
Kompany-Zareh, M
2017-04-13PARAFAC study of bovine serum albumin conformational changes in the interaction with nanosized manganese oxide as a biomimetic model for water-oxidizing complex
24مقالهMalik, M
Erhard, E
Babazadeh, A
Wang, F
Krenn, M
Nouroozi, R
Zeilinger, A
2017-04-07A Quantum Router for High-dimensional Entanglement: Concepts and Applications
25مقالهNasrolahi, R
Zakavi, S
2017-04-03Evidence on the nature of active oxidants involved in the oxidation of alcohols with Oxone catalyzed by an electron-deficient Mn-porphyrin: Combined kinetic and mechanistic studies
26مقالهNajafpour, M. M
Amini, M
Ashrafi, M
2017-03-23Lessons from metal oxides to find why Nature selected manganese and calcium for water oxidation
27مقالهNajafpour, M. M
Shirazi Amin, A
Balaghi, S. E
Deljoo, B
Mousazade, Y
Jafari, T
Aindow, M
Suib, S. L
2017-03-23Transformation of La0.65Sr0.35MnO3 in electrochemical water oxidation
28مقالهKhatamian, M
Heidari, S
Najafpour, M. M
2017-03-23Mn-containing ZSM-5 type zeolite as a water-oxidizing catalyst: New findings and current controversies
29مقالهRahimi, M
Ghorbanzadeh Moghaddam, A
Dykstra, C
Governale, M
Zülicke, U
2017-03-21Unconventional superconductivity from magnetism in transition-metal dichalcogenides
30مقالهShahsavari, H. R
Babadi Aghakhanpour, R
Babaghasabha, M
Golbon Haghighi, M
Nabavizadeh, S. M
Notash, B
2017-03-21Photophysical properties of a series of cycloplatinated(II) complexes featuring allyldiphenylphosphane
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