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1مقالهNikseresht, A
2017-05-15Dual of codes over finite quotients of polynomial rings
2مقالهNabatian, G
Li, X.-H
Honarmand, M
Melgarejo, J. C
2017-04-15Geology, mineralogy and evolution of iron skarn deposits in the Zanjan district, NW Iran: Constraints from U-Pb dating, Hf and O isotope analyses of zircons and stable isotope geochemistry
3مقالهAakhte, M
Abbasian, V
Ahadi Akhlaghi, E
Moradi, A.-R
Anand, A
Javidi, B
2017-03-20Microsphere-assisted super-resolved Mirau digital holographic microscopy for cell identification
4مقالهLashgari, M
Soodi, S
Zeinalkhani, P
2017-03-15Photocatalytic back-conversion of CO2 into oxygenate fuels using an efficient ZnO/CuO/carbon nanotube solar-energy-material: Artificial photosynthesis
5مقالهBayet-Goll, A
Nazarian Samani, P
De Carvalho, C. N
Monaco, P
Khodaie, N
Morad Pour, M
Kazemeini, H
Zareiyan, M. H
2017-03-15Sequence stratigraphy and ichnology of Early Cretaceous reservoirs, Gadvan Formation in southwestern Iran
6مقالهقسمتی, ز
محمدی نژاد, س
2017-03-05بررسی سازوکار انتقال انتخابی از میان کمپلکس منفذ هسته سلول-شبیه‌سازی دینامیک مولکولی
7مقالهKowsari, M. H
Naderlou, S
2017-03-01Understanding the dynamics, self-diffusion, and microscopic structure of hydrogen inside the nanoporous Li-LSX zeolite
8مقالهKazemi, S.-M.- M
Dehghan, M
Foroush Bastani, A
2017-02-15Asymptotic expansion of solutions to the Black–Scholes equation arising from American option pricing near the expiry
9مقالهKazemi, S. H
Malae, K
2017-02-15Electrodeposited Ni(OH)2 nanostructures on electro-etched carbon fiber paper for highly stable supercapacitors
10مقالهJafari, R
Langari, A
Akbari, A
Kim, K.-S
2017-02-15Real Space Renormalization of Majorana Fermions in Quantum Nano-Wire Superconductors
11مقالهKavianpour, H
Vasighi, M
2017-02-15Structural classification of proteins using texture descriptors extracted from the cellular automata image
12مقالهJoharinad, P
2017-02-15Warped product Finsler manifolds from Hamiltonian point of view
13مقالهBehmadi, H
Fazli, Z
Najafi, A
2017-02-07A 2D suspension of active agents: the role of fluid mediated interactions
14مقالهBouchard, F
Fickler, R
Boyd, R. W
Karimi, E
2017-02-03High-dimensional quantum cloning and applications to quantum hacking
15مقالهNajafpour, M. M
Heidari, S
Balaghi, S. E
Hołyńska, M
Hossaini Sadr, M
Soltani, B
Khatamian, M
Larkum, A. W
Allakhverdiev, S. I
2017-02-01Proposed mechanisms for water oxidation by Photosystem II and nanosized manganese oxides
16مقالهSajjadian, Z
Cheraghi, N
Mohammadi Nejad, S
Hassani, L
2017-01-28Interaction of aurein 1.2 and its analogue with DPPC lipid bilayer
17مقالهNasrolahi, R
Zakavi, S
2017-01-27Evidence on the nature of active oxidants involved in the oxidation of alcohols with Oxone catalyzed by an electron-deficient Mn-porphyrin: Combined kinetic and mechanistic studies
18مقالهKowsari, M. H
2017-01-18Tracing Experimentally Compatible Dynamical and Structural Behavior of Atmospheric N2/O2 Binary Mixtures within Nanoporous Li–LSX Zeolite: New Insights to Influence of Extra-Framework Cations by MD Simulations
19مقالهBigdeli, M
Yazdan Pour, A. A
Zaare-Nahandi, R
2017-01-16Stability of Betti numbers under reduction processes: Towards chordality of clutters
20مقالهBigdeli, M
Yazdan Pour, A. A
Zaare-Nahandi, R
2017-01-15Stability of Betti numbers under reduction processes: Towards chordality of clutters
21مقالهMohammadi Razi, E
Rasouli, S
2017-01-15Investigation of inhomogeneity and anisotropy in near ground layers of atmospheric air turbulence using image motion monitoring method
22مقالهHonarmand, M
Li, X.-H
Nabatian, G
Neubauer, F
2017-01-13In-situ zircon U-Pb age and Hf-O isotopic constraints on the origin of the Hasan-Robat A-type granite from Sanandaj–Sirjan zone, Iran: implications for reworking of Cadomian arc igneous rocks
23مقالهShahsavari, H. R
Fereidoonnezhad, M
Niazi, M
Mousavi, S. T
Kazemi, S. H
Kia, R
Shirkhan, S
Abdollahi Aghdam, S
Raithby, P. R
2017-01-13Cyclometalated platinum(II) complexes of 2,2′-bipyridine N-oxide containing a 1,1′-bis(diphenylphosphino)ferrocene ligand: structural, computational and electrochemical studies
24مقالهMohammadi, H
Esckandariun, B
Najafi, A
2017-01-11A stochastic micro-machine inspired by bacterial chemotaxis
25مقالهJafari, R
Johannesson, H
2017-01-06Loschmidt Echo Revivals: Critical and Noncritical
26مقالهLashgari, M
Zeinalkhani, P
2017-01-05Photocatalytic N2 conversion to ammonia using efficient nanostructured solar-energy-materials in aqueous media: A novel hydrogenation strategy and basic understanding of the phenomenon
27مقالهBahmani, L
Neysari, M
Maleki, M
2017-01-05The study of drying and pattern formation of whole human blood drops and the effect of thalassaemia and neonatal jaundice on the patterns
28مقالهNajafpour, M. M
Madadkhani, S
Tavahodi, M
2017-01-05Manganese oxides supported on nano-sized metal oxides as water-oxidizing catalysts for water-splitting systems: 3-Electrochemical studies
29مقالهNajafpour, M. M
Salimi, S
Safdari, R
2017-01-05Nanosized manganese oxide supported on carbon black: A new, cheap and green composite for water oxidation
30مقالهMadadi Asl, M
Valizadeh, A
Tass, P. A
2017-01-03Dendritic and Axonal Propagation Delays Determine Emergent Structures of Neuronal Networks with Plastic Synapses
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