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1مقالهForoush Bastani, A
Vahid Dastgerdi, M
Mighani, A
2018-06-10On multilevel RBF collocation to solve nonlinear PDEs arising from endogenous stochastic volatility models
2مقالهLashgari, M
Ghanimati, M
2018-03-05Photocatalytic degradation of H2S aqueous media using sulfide nanostructured solid-solution solar-energy-materials to produce hydrogen fuel
3مقالهKazemi, S. M. M
Dehghan, M
Foroush Bastani, A
2018-01-15On a new family of radial basis functions: Mathematical analysis and applications to option pricing
4مقالهKhodayifar, S
Raayatpanah, M. A
Pardalos, P. M
2018-01-04An accelerating Benders' decomposition approach to the integrated supply chain network design with distributed generation
5مقالهPan, V. Y
Soleymani, F
Zhao, L
2018-01-01An efficient computation of generalized inverse of a matrix
6مقالهAhmad, F
Soleymani, F
Khaksar Haghani, F
Serra-Capizzano, S
2017-12-01Higher order derivative-free iterative methods with and without memory for systems of nonlinear equations
7مقالهGanjkhani, Y
A. Charsooghi, M
A. Akhlaghi, E
Moradi, A. R
2017-12-01Super-resolved Mirau digital holography by structured illumination
8مقالهJazaeri, E
Mahdavi, A
Abdoli, A
2017-11-30Formulation of chitosan with the polyepitope HIV-1 protein candidate vaccine efficiently boosts cellular immune responses in mice
9مقالهRasouli, S
Hebri, D
2017-11-14Contrast enhanced quarter-Talbot images
10مقالهMadadi Asl, M
Valizadeh, A
Tass, P. A
2017-11-13Interplay between propagation delay and frequency of oscillation determines emergent structures of neuronal networks driven by triplet-based STDP
11مقالهGoodarzi Nick, A
Madadi Asl, M
Valizadeh, A
2017-11-13Multi-cluster structure and dynamics in networks of coupled phase oscillators through different classes of STDP profiles
12مقالهMahdavimehr, M
Meratan, A. A
Ghobeh, M
Ghasemi, A
Saboury, A. A
Nemat-Gorgani, M
2017-11-13Inhibition of HEWL fibril formation by taxifolin: Mechanism of action
13مقالهKhasseh, R
Abedinpour, S
Tanatar, B
2017-11-09Phase diagram and dynamics of Rydberg-dressed fermions in two dimensions
14مقالهعبدلی, ا
مهدوی, ع
جزایری, ا
2017-11-06روش‌های عملی در ویروس‌ شناسی، کشت سلولی و تکنیک‌های مولکولی (همراه با پروتکل)
15مقالهPouramini, Z
Mohebbi, A
Kowsari, M. H
2017-11-04Atomistic insights into the thermodynamics, structure, and dynamics of ionic liquid 1-hexyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate via molecular dynamics study
16مقالهTabebordbar, H
Mohamadnia, Z
Ahmadi, E
2017-11-04Atom transfer radical polymerization of methyl methacrylate using copper-based homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts
17مقالهSaeidian, S
Melezhik, V. S
2017-11-03Multichannel scattering problem with a nonseparable angular part as a boundary-value problem
18مقالهBabazadeh, A
Erhard, M
Wang, F
Malik, M
Nouroozi, R
Krenn, M
Zeilinger, A
2017-11-03High-Dimensional Single-Photon Quantum Gates: Concepts and Experiments
19مقالهMahdavifar, S
Mahdavifar, S
Jafari, R
2017-11-02Magnetic quantum correlations in the one-dimensional transverse-field XXZ model
20مقالهVasighi, M
Abbasi, S
2017-10-27Multiple growing self-organizing map for data classification
21مقالهMoradkhani, F
Sdeghi Bigham, B
2017-10-25A New Image Mining Approach for Detecting Micro-Calcification in Digital Mammograms
22مقالهEyni Chenar, R
Babazadeh, A
Nouroozi, R
2017-10-18Wavelength alteration measurement using the Moiré technique
23مقالهFallahi, M
Ahmadi, E
Ramazani, A
Mohamadnia, Z
2017-10-15Trimerization of ethylene catalyzed by Cr-based catalyst immobilized on the supported ionic liquid phase
24مقالهRezaei, A
Mohammadi, Z
2017-10-15Annual safe groundwater yield in a semiarid basin using combination of water balance equation and water table fluctuation
25مقالهRoqanian, S
Meratan, A. A
Ahmadian, S
Shafizadeh, M
Ghasemi, A
Karami, L
2017-10-15Polyphenols protect mitochondrial membrane against permeabilization induced by HEWL oligomers: Possible mechanism of action
26مقالهBarati, S
Abedinpour, S
2017-10-15Optical conductivity of three and two dimensional topological nodal-line semimetals
27مقالهRasouli, S
Yeganeh, M
2017-10-03Moiré patterns of curved line quasi-periodic structures
28مقالهDezhampanah, H
Firouzi, R
Hasani, L
2017-09-30Intermolecular interaction of nickel (ii) phthalocyanine tetrasulfonic acid tetrasodium salt with bovine serum albumin: A multi-technique study
29مقالهجزایری, ا
مهدوی, ع
عبدلی, ا
2017-09-30بررسی ایمنی زایی واکسن پلی توپ کاندید HIV مبتنی بر DNA در مدل موشی و تأثیر رویکردهای استفاده از ادجوانت آلوم و تزریق زیر جلدی بر میزان کارآیی آن
30مقالهNajafpour, M. M
Salimi, S
Zand, Z
Hołyńska, M
Tomo, T
Singh, J. P
Chae, K. H
Allakhverdiev, S. I
2017-09-28Nanosized manganese oxide/holmium oxide: a new composite for water oxidation
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