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1مقالهForoush Bastani, A
Vahid Dastgerdi, M
Mighani, A
2018-06-10On multilevel RBF collocation to solve nonlinear PDEs arising from endogenous stochastic volatility models
2مقالهRasooli, A. H
Zandi, H
DeLuca, C
2018-03-06Re-conceptualizing classroom assessment fairness: A systematic meta-ethnography of assessment literature and beyond
3مقالهLashgari, M
Ghanimati, M
2018-03-05Photocatalytic degradation of H2S aqueous media using sulfide nanostructured solid-solution solar-energy-materials to produce hydrogen fuel
4مقالهFaghih, Z
Neshat, A
Wojtczak, A
Faghih, Z
Mohammadi, Z
Varestan, S
2018-02-24Palladium (II) complexes based on Schiff base ligands derived from ortho-vanillin; synthesis, characterization and cytotoxic studies
5مقالهAbbasian, V
Ahadi Akhlaghi, E
Avalin Charsooghi, M
Bazzar, M
Moradi, A. R
2018-02-13Digital holographic microscopy for 3D surface characterization of polymeric nanocomposites
6مقالهAbbasian, V
A. Akhlaghi, E
A. Charsooghi, M
Bazzar, M
Morad, A. R
2018-02-07Digital holographic microscopy for 3D surface characterization of polymeric nanocomposites
7مقالهAzami-Movahed, M
Meratan, A. A
Ghasemi, A
Ebrahim-Habibi, A
Nemat-Gorgani, M
2018-02-03Acetylation of lysine residues in apomyoglobin: Structural changes, amyloid fibrillation, and role of surface charge
8مقالهPariz, A
Esfahani, Z. G
Sadat Parsi, S
Valizadeh, A
Canals, S
Mirasso, C. R
2018-02-01High frequency neurons determine effective connectivity in neuronal networks
9مقالهBayet-Goll, A
De Carvalho, C. N
Daraei, M
Monaco, P
Sharafi, M
2018-02-01Sequence stratigraphic and sedimentologic significance of the trace fossil Rhizocorallium in the Upper Triassic Nayband Formation, Tabas Block, Central Iran
10مقالهKazemi, S. M. M
Dehghan, M
Foroush Bastani, A
2018-01-15On a new family of radial basis functions: Mathematical analysis and applications to option pricing
11مقالهVan der Boon, A
Van Hinsbergen, D. J. J
Rezaeian, M
Gürer, D
Honarmand, M
Pastor-Galán, D
Krijgsman, W
Langereis, C. G
2018-01-15Quantifying Arabia–Eurasia convergence accommodated in the Greater Caucasus by paleomagnetic reconstruction
12مقالهKhodayifar, S
Raayatpanah, M. A
Pardalos, P. M
2018-01-04An accelerating Benders' decomposition approach to the integrated supply chain network design with distributed generation
13مقالهJafari Siavashani, M
A. Akhlaghi, E
Tavassoly, M. T
Hosseini, S. R
2018-01-04Characterization of transparent thin films by low-coherent diffractometry
14مقالهRasouli, S
Khazaei, A. M
Hebri , D
2018-01-03Talbot carpet at the transverse plane produced in the diffraction of plane wave from amplitude radial gratings
15مقالهPan, V. Y
Soleymani, F
Zhao, L
2018-01-01An efficient computation of generalized inverse of a matrix
16مقالهMohammadi, F
Moeeni, M
2017-12-18Investigation of the binding interactions of Bisdemethoxycurcumin, Diacetylcurcumin and Diacetylbisdemethoxycurcumin with bovine α-lactalbumin by experimental and theoretical analysis
17مقالهMir, M
Abedinpour, S
2017-12-15Coupled spin-charge dynamics in helical Fermi liquids beyond the random phase approximation
18مقالهMoradkhannejhad, L
Abdouss, M
Nikfarjam, N
Mazinani, S
Sayar, P
2017-12-11Electrospun curcumin loaded poly(lactic acid) nanofiber mat on the flexible crosslinked PVA/PEG membrane film: Characterization and in vitro release kinetic study
19مقالهZakavi, S
Ebadi, S
Javanmard, M
2017-12-08Nanosized cationic and anionic manganese porphyrins as mesoporous catalysts for the oxidation of olefins: Nano versus bulk aggregates
20مقالهAmini, M
Najafpour, M. M
Salimi, S
Rmezani, S
Ashouri, F
Mahmoudi, G
2017-12-06Iron oxide on carbon-based supports as efficient catalysts for organic compounds oxidation
21مقالهEmamyari, S
Fazli, H
2017-12-06Polymer translocation through a nanopore in the presence of chaperones: A three dimensional MD simulation study
22مقالهخادمیان, ف
منصف, ا
رهگشای, م
2017-12-03پتروژنز و ژئوشیمی توالی آتشفشانی ائوسن شمال شرق زنجان: با نگرشی بر ماگماتیسم حاشیه فعال قاره ای در پهنه البرز-آذربایجان
23مقالهTaleb, M
Ivanov, R
Bereznev, S
Kazemi, S. H
Hussainova, I
2017-12-02Ultra-sensitive voltammetric simultaneous determination of dopamine, uric acid and ascorbic acid based on a graphene-coated alumina electrode
24مقالهAhmad, F
Soleymani, F
Khaksar Haghani, F
Serra-Capizzano, S
2017-12-01Higher order derivative-free iterative methods with and without memory for systems of nonlinear equations
25مقالهGanjkhani, Y
A. Charsooghi, M
A. Akhlaghi, E
Moradi, A. R
2017-12-01Super-resolved Mirau digital holography by structured illumination
26مقالهJafari, R
Johannesson, H
2017-12-01Decoherence from spin environments: Loschmidt echo and quasiparticle excitations
27مقالهJazaeri, E
Mahdavi, A
Abdoli, A
2017-11-30Formulation of chitosan with the polyepitope HIV-1 protein candidate vaccine efficiently boosts cellular immune responses in mice
28مقالهعظیم نوه سی, ل
محمدنیا, ز
احمدی, ا
2017-11-28پلی اتیلن کم چگالی خطی، خواص، کاربرد و تولید با روش پلیمرشدن پیاپی اتیلن
29مقالهNozad Khalil, T
Motaghi, S. K
2017-11-27 بررسی هندسه مرزهای ناپیوستگی در مکران ساحلی با استفاده از مهاجرت و مدل‌سازی توابع گیرنده
30مقالهZakavi, S
Hashemi- Amiri, A
Asadi, F
2017-11-24Axial base-controlled catalytic activity, oxidative stability and product selectivity of water-insoluble manganese and iron porphyrins for oxidation of styrenes in water under green conditions
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