Monomial Ideals with Linear Resolutions
1. Clutters and their circuit ideals and resolution
2. Chordallity of clutters
3. Simplicial orders
4. Simon's conjecture on extendably shellable complexes and its relation to
chordality of clutters.

J├╝rgen Herzog (Duisburg-Essen University, Germany)
Homology of Monomial Ideals and Algebras
1. On the number of generators of powers of ideals I
2. On the number of generators of powers of ideals II
3. Huneke's theorem
4. The anticanonical module
5. The trace of the canonical module
Volkmar Welker (Philipps-University Marburg, Germany)
Geometry and Algebra of Subdivisions
1. Subdivision of simplicial complexes
2. Subdivision and f- h-vectors
3. Subdivision and free resolutions
4. Limit behavior under iterated subdivisions.
Eric Babson (University of California at Davis, USA)
Random Simplicial Complexes
1. Random graphs
2. Isoperimetric inequalities
3. Expanders
4. Thresholds for first homology and homotopy groups
5. Torsion

& Rashid Zaare-Nahandi (IASBS, Zanjan, Iran)
Ali Akbar Yazdan Pour
Sara Faridi (Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada)

Topological structures related to monomial ideals with linear resolution
1. Minimal free resolutions via simplicial complexes
2. Review of topological methods used for calculating resolutions
3. Ideals with linear resolution: from graphs to higher dimensions
4. Chordal complexes, chordal hypergraphs, chordal clutters, and open
Suggested resources for required backgraound:
Herzog, J. and Hibi, T., Monomial Ideals, in GTM 260. Springer, London, 2010.
Peeva, I., Graded Syzygies, Algebra and Applications 14, Springer, London, 2011.
Villarreal, R.H., Monomial Algebras, Second Edition.,Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2015.
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