Prof.Hamid Abdollahi

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Personal Information:

  • Professor of Analytical Chemistry
  • Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences
  • Zanjan, 45195-159, Iran
  • Fax: (int. +98) 241 1453232
  • E-mail:
  • Birth date and Place of the birth: August 19, 1965, Abadan, Iran
  • Married, no children
  • Educatin

  • B.Sc in Chemistry, Shiraz University 1988-1993.
  • M.Sc in Analytical Chemistry, Shiraz University 1993-1995.
  • Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, Shiraz University 1995-1999.
  • Birth date

    Birth date and Place of the birth: August 19, 1965, Abadan, Iran


    1) Organizer of first Iranian workshop of Chemometrics (September 2001, IASBS).

    2) Organizer of second Iranian workshop of Chemometrics (September 2002, IASBS)

    3) Organizer of third Iranian workshop of Chemometrics (September 2003, IASBS)

    4) Organizer of froth Iranian workshop of Chemometrics (September 2004, IASBS)

    5) Organizer of fifth Iranian workshop of Chemometrics (March 2006, IASBS)

    5) Organizer of sixth Iranian workshop of Chemometrics (February 2007, IASBS)

    6) Organizer of Seventh Iranian workshop of Chemometrics (February 2008, IASBS)

    7) Leader of Chemometrics Committee of Iranian Chemical society from 2009-2011

    8) Organizer of Tenth Iranian workshop of Chemometrics (October 2011, IASBS)

    9) Organizer of 12th Iranian workshop of Chemometrics (October 2011, IASBS)

    Scientometric Indices: (updated 25 April. 2015)

    Number of ISI publications: 92

    Sum of the Times Cited : 1312

    Sum of Times Cited without self-citations: 1172

    Citing Articles: 951

    Citing Articles without self-citations: 893

    Average Citations per Item: 14.26

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    Activity as Referee

    1. Referee of Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems

    2. Referee of Analytica Chimica Acta>/p>

    3. Referee of Journal of Solution Chemistry

    4. Referee of Journal of Chromatography A

    5. Referee of Journal of AOAC International

    6. Referee of Talanta

    7. Referee of Langmuir

    8. Referee of Journal of Iranian Chemical Society

    9. Referee of Analyst

    10. Referee of Spectrochimica acta

    11. Referee of Drag Testing and analysis

    Visiting periods :

    Three months visiting from department of chemistry of Newcastle University in Newcastle-Australia under a joint project with Professor Marcel Maeder, summer 2007.

    Three months visiting from Department of Environmental Chemistry, Institute of Chemical and Environmental Research (CSIC) in Barcelona-Spain under a joint project with Professor Roma Tauler, summer 2010.

    Two months visiting from University of Szeged in Hungary under a joint project with Professor Robert Rajko, summer 2012.

    PHD Thesis Supervision

    1) Simultaneous Determination of Food Colorants by Using Chemometric Methods. Manan Hajimahmoodi. September 2002. (Co-supervisor).

    2) Differentiation of bovine and porcine gelatins using principal component analysis Mahboob Nemati September 2003. (Co-supervisor).

    3) Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Kinetic Analysis of Trace heavy metals in water by Chemometric Methods. Mohamad Reza Khoshayand. Novamber 2003. (Co-supervisor).

    4) Application of Chemometric Methods in Chemical Kinetic and Equilibrium Systems A. H. Naseri Feb. 2007 (Co-supervisor).

    5) Quantitative determination of some organic compounds in complex samples in the presence of unknown componets using chemometric methods Tahereh Heidari Feb. 2011

    6) Spectroscopic studies of the effects of ionic liquids in chemical equilibria, biomolecule interactions and nanosynthesis using chemometric methods. Sedighe Zeinali May 2009 (Co-supervisor).

    7) Evaluation of Three-way Data Having Degenerate Factors by Parallel Factor Analysis Modeling Maryam SajjadiFeb. 2010

    8) Basic Chemometrical Study on Rotational Ambiguity for Three and Four-Component Systems in Multivariate Data Azadeh Golshan, June 2011

    9) Multivariate Analysis of Bilinear and Non-Bilinear Electrochemical Second Order Data Mojtaba Kooshki December 2011

    10) Mahsa Dadashi

    11) Samira Beyramisoltan

    12) Golnar Ahmadi

    13) Farideh Rabban

    MS Thesis Supervision

    12:37 PM 8/23/2015

    1) Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Determination of some Quinones by Chemometric Methods after Cloud Point Extraction or Microcrystaline Naphthalene Extraction Leila Bagheri Aprill 2003.

    2) Application of Chemometric Methods in Simultaneous Determination of Metal Ions and Study of some Chemical Equilibria Sedigheh Zeinali October 2002.

    3) Spectrophotometric Study of Acid-Base Dissociation Equilibria and Kinetics of Chemical Reactions by H-Point Curve Isolation and H-Point Standard Addition Methods Maryam Abbasi Tarighat October 2003.

    4) A Systematic Study on some Reaction between Phosphines Compounds and Electron Acceptor Mahdi Davari September 2001

    5) Application of Soft-modeling Chemometric Methods for Spectrophotometric Studies of Microscopic Dissociation of Acids and Tautomeric Equilibria. Vahideh Mahdavi Octobr 2003.