Department of Computer Science and Information Technology
Institute of Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences

Advanced AI (Autumn 2015)
Section: Room I003, Monday, 8:00 AM - 09:30 AM
Section: Room I003, Wendesday, 8:00 AM - 09:30 AM

First Instructor: Dr. Ebrahim Ansari
Office Hours: See my weekly Schedule
Location: Computer Science and Information Technology Dept., Room 219

Second Instructors: Dr. Parvin Razzaghi
Location: Computer Science and Information Technology Dept., Room 215

Teacher Assistants
Name E-mail Address Role
Azadeh Jalilian Proctor
Behzad Moradi Proctor

Required Text: Artificial Intelligence Structures and Strategies for Complex Problem Solving, 6E
Author: George F Luger
Publisher: PERSON /Addison Wesley

Supplementary Material: Essentials of Probability & Statistics for Engineers & Scientists
Author: Ronald E. Walpole & Raymond H. Myers & Sharon L. Myers & Keying Ye
Publisher: PERSON

Supplementary Material: A Revealing Introduction to Hidden Markov Models
Author: Mark Stamp
You may see the pdf file here

Scope of the Course

This course will present advanced topics in Artificial Intelligence (AI).


We should learn about these subjects:


Each assignment will have a clearly stated due date and time. Assignments start out being easy but get harder over the semester.

You should prepare and give up your assignments before deadline directly to me.

Programming Assignments

You should deliver your projects attached by an appropriate report.


There will be one final examination.


Your performance in this class will be evaluated using your scores for programming assignments, and two tests. The weights of each of these components are listed below. There are no extra credit projects or assignments to improve your grade.


Acts that exceed the bounds defined by the approved collaboration practices will be considered cheating. Such acts include:


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