Department of Computer Engineering
Islamic Azad University - BandarAbbas Branch

Parallel Programming (Autumn 2015)
Section: Room 207, Friday, 9:00 AM - 11:45 AM
Section: Room 207, Friday, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Instructor: Dr. Ebrahim Ansari
Office Hours: See my weekly Schedule
Location: Computer Science and Information Technology Dept., Room 219

Required Text: Introduction to Parallel Computing, Second Edition
Author: Ananth Grama, Anshul Gupta, George Karypis, Vipin Kumar
Publisher: Addison Wesley

Supplementary Material 1: Parallel Programming Techniques & Applications Using Networked Workstations & Parallel Computers 2nd ed
Author: B. Wilkinson & M. Allen
Publisher: Pearson Education Inc.
Supplementary Material 2: Lecture notes provided by teacher
Author: Ebrahim Ansari

Scope of the Course

To study parallel programming.


We should learn about these subjects:


Each assignment will have a clearly stated due date and time. Assignments start out being easy but get harder over the semester.

You should prepare and give up your assignments before deadline directly to me.


Announcement in future


There will be a final examination.


Your performance in this class will be evaluated using your scores for quizzes, programming assignments, and two tests. The weights of each of these components are listed below. There are no extra credit projects or assignments to improve your grade.


Acts that exceed the bounds defined by the approved collaboration practices will be considered cheating. Such acts include:


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