Who We Are …

We are an optical measuring group and we use light to measure the physical parameters. We deal with quality measurements with light. We use different aspects and properties of light to determine physical parameters in science, industry, and medicine. To do this, we research in various fields such as optical imaging and microscopy, interferometry, diffractometry, and spectrometry. We study several three-dimensional imaging techniques in our group and develop new techniques to improve the resolution in these fields.

Optical Metrology

Optical metrology is the science and technology concerning measurements with light. Such measurements can either target properties of light and light sources or properties of objects such as dimensions, distances and temperatures. There is no strict boundary between those fields, because often one uses measured properties of light not just to characterize a light source, but for other purposes. In general, they make these measurements using different properties of light. Among these properties, for example, we can mention the phenomenon of interference and diffraction.