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Hosein Haghi 
Head of the Galactic and Stellar Dynamics (GaSDyn) Research Group 
Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS)
Zanjan - Iran,  Tel:   +98-241-415-2124

Current Research: I am interested in any area of dense stellar systems which mainly refer to young massive star clusters, globular clusters and dwarf galaxies. Recently, I'm spending most of my research time on the N-body simulation of star clusters in galactic environment with a focus on different aspects of the formation and dynamical evolution of globular star clusters and globular cluster systems. I also study the evolution of globular cluster systems around other galaxies, to constrain the galactic potential by their size distributions. I am also working on the nature of missing mass problem, especially, testing the Cold Dark Matter (CDM) hypothesis vs. modified gravity theories in galactic scales.

This is my CV and the list of my publications [Link]

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