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Mehri Razavi

Somayeh Akbarian

Yousef Akhlaghi

Maryam Khoshkam

Somayeh Gholami

Zeinab Mokhtari
2D-NMR is used as a very strong structure determining tool for resolution of different conformations of human telomeric sequence. This part of DNA includes tandem repeat of guanines, which can form DNA secondary structure consisted of four strands, socalled G-quadruplex. To extract information about this interesting biological system, chemometrics is applied on the data recorded by different 2D-NMR techniques.

Sara Ebrahimi

Ne'mat Omidikia

Mohadeseh Zarei

Mahin Bayat

M.Sc Students

Fereshteh MatinRad

Elham Mobaraki Novin

Masood Kaimi Goftar

Mohammad Shahbazi

Atefeh Malek Khtabi

Saeed Bagheri

Ali Zahraei

Jasem Nejat Poor
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