There are several PhD, MSc. and undergraduate students in my group. You can find more information about them and what they do click here.

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My name is Ehsan Nedaaee Oskoee and I am assistant professor of physics department at Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS). I am interested in simulating physical phenomenas from atoms and molecules to animals' behavior. My main concern is to find a way to use our research to improve people lives, so recently I am working with industries too to make our studies more useful.

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Industrial Activities

One of my main concerns is to make our scientific activities something useful for others. So we have many connections with several industries to do this. We are  connecting our research with industries via a startup "Cortecg" which is founded with our group members. Its website will be ready soon and you can find get more information there.


Our group is focusing on several fields of research in computational science. We are currently developing packages on Molecular Dynamics, Electronic elements simulator and Networks and we have also research on surface growth, complex systems and economy.  for furtherer information click here.

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