Ashkan Nikseresht (Old) Personal Homepage

I am Ashkan Nikseresht and this is my old home page, when I was with the department of Mathematics at IASBS, and it has not been updated since September 2017. Now I am working at Shiraz University as an assistant professor of mathematics (Algebra) and you can find my new homepage here .


To see my educations and my research interests see: here (in English) or اینجا (به فارسی) .

To see a list of my publications see my page on researchgate or ORCID or MathSciNet.

You can download my CV (in Persian, but the list of publications is in English) from here.

Also here is my course pages list.



برنامه هفتگی فصل زمستان95 من را از اینجا دریافت کنید.

گزارش عملکرد 6 ماهه پاییز و زمستان 1393 (که اعضای هیئت علمی پژوهشی باید هر 6 ماه یکبار برای ارزیابی به دانشگاه ارائه دهند)

گزارش عملکرد 6 ماهه بهار و تابستان 1394

گزارش عملکرد 6 ماهه پاییز و زمستان 1394

گزارش عملکرد سال 1395