Welcome to Dr Kazemi research group

Understanding electrochemical processes is an important factor to design and develop electrical energy storage systems including Batteries, Solar cells, Fuel cells and electrochemical capacitors. Also, it is well-known that the central part of many other systems such as biosensors is in close relationship with electrochemical reactions.

Dr Kazemi research' group has started his activity at IASBS university since 2009. Our research is focused mainly to study and development of new materials for applications in electrochemistry, electrocatalysis, energy storage research (Supercapacitors and Batteries), sensor/biosensor systems, as well as the life sciences. Our group is interested in fundamental electrochemistry to fabricate sensors and biosensors; in addition to applied electrochemistry for energy storage devices. At present we have focused on fabrication of nanostrucutred electrode materials to design supercapacitor electrodes.

This website enables interested researcher to find a brief of our research, publications, also our  current and past group members.