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Our group carries out research in area of soft and biological matter. Theoretical hydrodynamic description for micron scale systems and also the statistical mechanics of active suspensions are our main interests. Some of our current projects include the hydrodynamics of low Reynolds motility, sensing strategies at cellular scale, the physics of chemotaxis and statistical mechanics of confined polymers.

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(up-left) A geometric model that simulates the hydrodynamical effects in the motion of a bacterium with a single flagellum. Regulating the stochastic jumps of the flagellum in response to local concentration of an stimuli will eventually lead the system to find the source of the stimuli. (up-right) Three-sphere swimmer with a prescribed and non-reciprocal deformation pattern. This system capture the most general features of a low Reynolds propeller. (down) Studying the dynamics of a microtubule that is under the action of compression and perpendicular forces reveals the Euler's buckling threshold for the system. Thermal fluctuations enhances the critical buckling force.

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  • Forouh Maleki(PhD candidate): Hydrodynamics of a growing nematic system.
  • Negin Rahimzadeh(PhD candidate): Memory effects in mechanical systems.
  • Hassan Mehdikhani(PhD candidate): Dynamics of defects in active systems.