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Our group conducts research in soft and biological matter. Our main interests are theoretical hydrodynamic description for micron-scale systems and the statistical mechanics of active suspensions. Some of our current projects include the hydrodynamics of low Reynolds motility, sensing strategies at the cellular scale, the physics of chemotaxis, and statistical mechanics of confined polymers.

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  • Forouh Maleki(Ph.D. candidate): Hydrodynamics of a growing nematic system.
  • Negin Rahimzadeh(Ph.D. candidate): Memory effects in mechanical systems.
  • Hassan Mehdikhani(Ph.D. candidate): Dynamics of defects in active systems.
  • Hossein Isaqian(M.Sc. student): Diffusion near a wall (in collaboration with Dr. Hajizadeh).
  • Fatemeh Molashahy(M.Sc. student): Viscoelasticity (in collaboration with Dr. Hajizadeh).