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Current PhD students:

Mr. Hadi Khanjani (Starting from 2015)    Thesis title: Theory of geometrical deformations and induced gauge fields in 2D materials

Mr. Gholam-Reza Mohammadi (Starting from 2016)   Thesis title: Impurity effects in spin-orbit coupled systems and topological semimetals

Current MSc students:

Mr. Mahdi Behnami (Starting from 2018)  Thesis title: Boundary conditions and Fermi arc states in various models of Weyl semimetals

Ms. Ayda Saghatchi (Starting from 2018)  Thesis title: Spin susceptibility of an electro gas at the presence of spin-orbit coupled impurities


  Dr. Babak Zare Rameshti (PhD, graduated at Jul 2015) Now senior research fellow at IPM, Tehran, IRAN
  Thesis title: Charge and spin transport in nanostructures of Dirac materials

  Dr. Vahid Derakhshan (PhD, graduated at Jan 2017) Now postdoc at Poland
  Thesis title: Electronic transport in two-dimensional spin-orbit coupled and topological systems

  Dr. Mojtaba A. Rahimi (PhD, graduated at Feb 2017) Now lecturer in Payam-e-Nour University of Yazd, IRAN
  Thesis title: Spin, pseudo-spin and valley dependent dynamics and transport in two-dimensional materials

  Dr. Haniyeh Esmailzadeh (PhD, graduated at Jan 2018)
  Thesis title: Theory of exotic superconductivity in metal-oxide interfaces

  Dr. Parvin Bayati (MSc.; Sep 2010) Now postdoc fellow at IASBS, IRAN

  Thesis title: Transport in bilayer graphene nano-constrictions

  Ms. Raheleh Tabrizi Dehno (MSc.; Dec 2012)

  Thesis title: Impurity assisted tunneling via superconducting islands in Coulomb blockade regime

  Ms. Somayeh Shokri Kalan (MSc.; Dec 2012) Now PhD student at IASBS, IRAN

  Thesis title: Josephson coupling in quantum dots hosting a magnetic impurity

  Ms. Nastaran Dashti (MSc.; Jul 2013) Now PhD student in Chalmers, SWEDEN
  Thesis title: Josephson coupling in molecular magnetic systems

  Mr. Meytham Rahmani (MSc.; Feb 2015)

  Thesis title: Valley-orbit coupling and quantum transport in single-layers of Molybdenum disulfide

  Mr. Mahmoud Mohammadi (MSc.; Mar 2016)
  Thesis title: Spin pumping with rotating magnetization in an interacting quantum dot

  Ms. Fatemeh Hajiloo (MSc.; Jul 2015) [I was her advisor.] Now PhD student in Chalmers, SWEDEN

  Thesis title: Effect of Strain and gauge fields in trilayers of graphene

  Mr. Mojtaba Moradi (MSc., Oct 2016) Now PhD student in Ardabil University, IRAN
  Thesis title: Majorana bound state in hole-doped semiconducting wires at proximity with a superconductor

  Mr.Reza G. Mohammadi (MSc.; Sep 2016) Now PhD student at IASBS, IRAN
  Thesis title: Theory of matter wave cloaking and its geometric aspects

  Mr. Mohammad Hossein Haji-Babaei (MSc., Apr 2017)
  Thesis title: Impurity effects in topological superconductors

  Ms. Kolsum Salehi (MSc., Feb 2017)
  Thesis title: Electronic band engineering in superlattices topological insulators

  Mr. Sina Mahboudi (MSc., Jan. 2018) Now PhD student at IASBS, IRAN
  Thesis title: Interlayer exchange coupling mediated by the topological insulator surface states