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Painting, Persian calligraphy, and photography

Chitgar lake (Tehran, Nowrouz 2016)

Venice canals (Venice, Summer 2015)

Camel for tourists (Aradan, Summer 2016)

Black and white (Zanjan, Winter 2016)

“Snowy branches” fractal (Tehran, Winter 2016)

Colored flowers in dance (Shabestar, Spring 2015)

“River of the peace”

Technique: Pencil & chalk

(in my hometown, Shabestar, 2016)

“Flowers ascension”

Technique: Watercolor

(in Zanjan, 2017)

A “Love poem” by Hafez

Calligraphy type: Moalla

(in Zanjan, 2016)

A contemporary “Love poem”

Calligraphy type: Nastaliq

(in Zanjan, 2017)