Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS), Zanjan, Iran.
  1. A. Giuliani, Italy.

  1. E. Paci, UK. (Skype)
  • Lecture: Prorteinís response to mechanical forces.

  1. R. Casadio, Italy. (Skype)

  1. L. Wong, Singapore. (Skype)

  1. Sh. Wodak, Belgium. (Skype)
  • Lecture: Prediction of protein-protein interactions and protein assemblies.

  1. H. Abdollahi, Iran.
  • Lecture: Bilinear decomposition of spectroscopic data.

  1. A. Vaez, Iran/Netherlands.
  • Lecture: Computational Approaches towards Genomic Architecture of Complex Diseases.

  1. F. Zare, Iran.
  • Lecture: Drug repositioning by deep learning method.

  1. Z. Narimani, Iran.
  • Workshop: Transcriptomics data anslysis.

  1. N. Hosseinkhan, Iran.
  • Workshop: Transcriptomics data anslysis.

  1. H. Hadi-Alijanvand, Iran.
  • Lecture: Monomer-based prediction of protein dimer stability.