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Number Title Authers
1 Studying optical properties of single layer Zirconium Nitride alloy with Titanium using density functional theory Shirvani, Fatemeh; Shokri, Aliasghar; Abedi Ravan, Bahram
2 Magnonic transport of a ferromagnetic nanowire in the presence of magnetic defects Shojaei, Sahar; Mardaani, Mohammad; Rabani, Hassan
3 Investigation of α-MoO3 thin layers by MoS2/MoO3 composite layers made by pyrolysis spray method khanlary, Mohamadreza;Heidari, Negar; keshavarz ghasemi, azita
4 Spin liquid phase in frustrated mixed-spin chains: effects of three-site four-spin interactions Heydarinasab, Fatemeh; Abouie, Jahanfar
5 Effect of Hypocrite Populations in Cyclic Dominance Models Khademalghorani, Peyman; Azimi, Nahid
6 Translocation of particles in saw-tooth microchannels Moradimehr, Shiva; Habibi, Mehdi; Businaro, Luca; Moradi, Alireza
7 Dynamics of two-dimensional fluid carrying electric current in the presence of electric and magnetic fields Kouchakkhani, Maryam; Nasiri, Mojtaba
8 Force Dipole in Odd Fluids Hesari, Davood; Maleki, Forouh; Najafi, Ali
9 Effect of hole transition layer thickness on improving the performance of organic light emitting diodes Mohammad Gaffari malakuti; Morteza Charmi
10 Investigation of hydrodynamic forces near liquid-liquid interfaces Ohadi, Taha; Najafi, Ali; Moradi, Ali-Reza
11 Investigation of the effect of cation substitution (Al, Ti) on magnetic, electrical and microwave properties of lithium ferrite Zahra bahrami, esmail kiani, Mohammad hossein shams
12 Exponential Spreading of Surfactant Droplet in a Quasi-one-dimensional Geometry Mollaei, Saeid; Razavi nejad, Ruhollah
13 Photonic Quasiperiodic Lattice with Fibonacci Array with Parity-Time Symmetry Mohammadpour, Ali; Barvestani, Jamal; Soltani Vala, Ali
14 Modified active-neighborhood formalism for susceptible-infected-susceptible (SIS) dynamics on adaptive multiplex networks Khanjanianpak, Mozhgan; Azimi, Nahid
15 Study of the effect of Polyvinylpyrrolidone concentration on the optical properties of cerium oxide Mehramouz, Sepideh; Rasouli Jamnani, Samaneh; Milani Moghaddam, Hossain
16 Growth in an active nematic system Maleki, Forouh; Najafi, Ali
17 Considering the transmission probability in normal and strained graphene Zahra, Marghzari; Jalil, Naji; Khadijeh Ghasemian
18 Investigating the structure and dynamics of adaptive networks under Hebbian rule Taghizadeh, Fatemeh; Zarei, Mina
19 Investigation of absorbance profile within n-type doped bulk sintered Molybdenite (MoS2) Pakmehr, Mehdi; Dehghani, Parnian
20 Simulation of organic-mineral hybrid light emitting diode Gaffari Malakuti, Mohammad; Charmi, Morteza
21 Z2 An Investigation of the effect of Polyvinylpyrrolidone concentration on the morphology and optical band gap of cerium oxide Mehramouz, Sepideh; Rasouli Jamnani, Samaneh; Milani Moghaddam, Hossain
22 The effect of biased surface graphene configuration on the nonreciprocity in a one-dimensional photonic crystal Samei, Ayda; Barvestani, Jamal; Meshginqalam, Bahar
23 Fixed energy sandpile model on complex networks Fazli, Davood; Azimi, Nahid
24 Investigation of Gibbs free energy of bulk Molybdenite prepared through Spark Plasma Sintering technique Pakmehr, Mehdi; Vafaei, Mina
25 Rotational Brownian Dynamics of a System Consisting of Magnetic Dipoles Bolhasani, Fatemeh; Niry, Mohammad D.
26 Irradiation induced Microstructural evolution and Damage Depth of Zr-1Nb alloy using atomistic simulation Basaadat, Mohammadreza; Payami Shabestar, Mahmoud; Sheykhi, Samira
27 Pancharatnam-Zak phase for two-dimensional systems: Gauge-independent topological invariant Mohamadi, Sepide; Abouie, Jahanfar