Zanjan, Iran | Friday, August 26, 2016   

July  12 Math Summer School July 13-14, 2016-07-12

July  2 First Summer School on Mathematics for Undergraduate Students

May  24 IASBS-ICTP International Workshop on Structured Light and Matter, 17-23 September 2016


17 September  IASBS-ICTP International Workshop on Structured Light and Matter, 17-23 September 2016


Gholinejad, M., Neshat, A., Zareh, F., Nájera, C., Razeghi, M. and Khoshnood, A.

Hasani Zonoozi, A., Haghi, H., Kroupa, P.

Khatamian, M., Heidari, S., Najafpour, M. M.

Kazemi, F., Mohammadnia, Z., Kaboudin, B., Gharibi, H., Ahmadinejad, E. and Taran, Z.

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1- M.Sc. defense session
The Gauss Algebra Associated to a Rational Map
Zahra Daraei، Mathematics Deparment
27 August 2016, 11:00
2- M.Sc. defense session
Bimetallic Sulfides Deposited on the Nickel Foam Substrate by Hydrothermal Method : Characterization and Studies of Electrochemical Behaviors for Application in Electrochemical Supercapacitors
Mahmoud Tabibpoor Dizaji، Chemistry Department
31 August 2016, 11:00
3- M.Sc. defense session
I. The nano-sized Mn oxide in a polypeptide matrix as a model for water-oxidizing complex in photosystem II. II. The role of nano-sized ruthenium oxide in the water-oxidation reaction by ruthenium complexes
Bahram Sarvi، Chemistry Department
06 September 2016, 12:30
4- M.Sc. defense session
Heterometallic Fe-Au and Fe-Pt complexes: electrochemistry and biological studies
Seyedeh Talaat Mousavi، Chemistry Department
07 September 2016, 14:00
5- M.Sc. defense session
Reaction of triphenylphosphine with a half-lantern organoplatinum(II) complex: investigation of some organometallic reaction
Samane Hatami، Chemistry Department
07 September 2016, 10:00
6- Ph.D. defense session
Study on the Multichannel Scattering and Loss Processes of Ultracold Atoms in Anisotropic Harmonic Waveguides
sara Shadmehri، Physics Department
07 September 2016, 10:30
7- M.Sc. defense session
Fabrication of a p-type oxide semiconductor photoelectrode and empirical studies of band structure
Elnaz Fekri، Chemistry Department
25 September 2016, 15:30
8- M.Sc. defense session
Electro-fixation of nitrogen molecules in aqueous media
Shadi Sadeghi Shalamzari، Chemistry Department
26 September 2016, 15:30