Zanjan, Iran | Friday, December 19, 2014   

June  10 EMS recognizes Dep. of Mathematics as emerging center of excellence


Rooin, J., Dehghan , H. and Alikhani , A.

Rooin, J. and Dehghan, H.

Rooin, J., Alikhani , A. and Moslehian, M. S.

Ghasemi Esfahani, Z. and Valizadeh , A.

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گل هفته -27 خرداد هزار و سیصد و هشتاد و پنج
1- Ph.D. defense session
Application of Nanostructure Materials for Fabrication of Sensors and Biosensors
Mojtaba Tavahodi، Chemistry Department
December 24, 10:00
2- M.Sc. defense session
A Study Degenerate Subgraphs in Graphs
Elaheh Taheriun، Mathematics Deparment
December 29, 15:30
3- M.Sc. defense session
Automatic Identification of Supergranular Cell Boundaries
Mahdi Yousefzadeh Soraki، Physics Department
December 31, 11:00
4- M.Sc. defense session
Generalized Homology and Cohomology Theory for Non-commutative Spaces
Saeid Ghorbani، Mathematics Deparment
Jaunary 06, 15:30