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This Centre has been set up as part of the Research and Technology Department of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS). It endeavours to facilitate and promote ties between the academics, and the industry and the society, in order to achieve self-sufficiency, meet the needs of the industry and the society, and increase the capabilities of students and graduates in line with the needs of the society.
Benefitting from the presence of creative and elite postgraduate students (at Master's and Doctoral levels) in different fields of basic sciences with different specialties, the IASBS has a significant capacity to define and implement specialised thesis projects in line with the research priorities of different organisations. By supporting a particular research project, public and private organisations can reap the benefits of research carried out by Master’s and doctoral students in that specific field.


The Industrial Liaison Office of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences pursues its activities in order to achieve the following three main goals.
  • Enhance the role of the faculty in carrying out practical projects needed in the country.
  • Utilise the capabilities and potentials of the University to meet the research and technology requirements of the country’s executive organisations and industry and provide them with consulting services.
  • Create the necessary ground work for the generation and growth of the science and technology needed in the country by conducting demand-oriented, customer-oriented and effective research in the society and the industry, with due attention to the national goals.
  • Improve the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the University's relationship with the economic centres and the industry at provincial, national, and international levels.


  • Establish a bilateral and continuous relationship between the University and “industries and organisations” by creating specialized working groups.
  • Hold joint meetings between the IASBS faculty and industry managers, officials of organisations, ...
  • Receive research priorities from industries and organisations and inform the researchers at the University
  • Send proposals for research projects to industries and organisations
  • Sign contracts to implement applied research projects with industries and organisations and supervise the said contracts
  • Conclude memoranda of cooperation with industries and organisations to expand the University's relationship with the industry and the society
  • Arrange student visits to organisations and industries, and participation in training courses
  • Actively participate in research exhibitions in order to present selected IASBS research projects
  • Develop a database of completed projects and the main capabilities and advantages of the University.
  • Follow up the existing memoranda and extract applied research projects from them
  • Hold workshops and training seminars to enable the IASBS faculty to win extra-organisational projects.

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