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The Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS) is an advanced research center and graduate-level degree-granting institution in Zanjan, Iran. It was founded in 1991 by Prof. Yousef Sobouti, who was the director of the institute until 2010. After that Dr.Rasoul Khodabakhsh was the director till February 2014, and Dr. HamidReza Mohammadi Khalesifard has filled the position since then. The Institute awarded as one of the top advanced research centers in Iran. IASBS was also ranked the IRAN’s top university in 3 of 36 disciplines ranked by QS, including physics, chemistry, and mathematics. IASBS offers advanced degrees (Masters and above) in Mathematics, Physics, Geophysics, Biophysics and Chemistry. As of 2008, the mathematics department offers Master of Science degrees in Computer Science with concentration on Artificial Intelligence(esp. Multi Agent Systems and Computational Geometry) and Graph and Algorithms. The library of the university began in 1993 as a small part of the physics department. It moved to a new building about 16 years later. The new library was opened in 2007 and named Torkaman Library after its donor. The library keeps over 20,000 books, 6,500 of which are in Persian, and the other 13,500 are in English and other languages. In May 2002, Zanjan ICT incubator was founded in the IASBS for development of technology and business. It was followed by establishing Zanjan Science and Technology Park in June 2009. These two foundations are of the most successful techno-centers in Iran.

Prof. Yousef Sobouti

Prof. Yousef Sobouti

(Founder of IASBS)

Looking back at what we (students, faculty, and staff) have achieved together over 20 years, I am satisfied. IASBS is already an established institution, known and reputed nationally and internationally. Our faculty and students tackle cutting edge research problems and keep up a respectable publication record in the most reputable international journals.

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