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Name Department Title
sahar salimi Mathematics Department Risk Assessment of Two-Way Opposite with Dynamic Random Models and its Application in Credit Default Swaps
Peyman Tari Department of Chemistry Investigation of the Radical Polymerization of Atom Transmission from Nano Substrates for the Preparation of Ion-Adsorbents
Sohrab Pirhadi Department of Information Technology and Computer Science Reduce the dimensions of the data and its techniques in machine learning
Shirin Amini Department of Information Technology and Computer Science Study of low-power network technologies
Hosein Kangavar Nazari Department of Information Technology and Computer Science Examining the technology of online data uploads to and implementation of browsers
Hoshang Jalilian Department of Chemistry Study of photocatalytic activity of meso-tetraalkylpyrphyrins: dictate and its metal complex
Moslem Zand Mathematics Department Random linear complementary problem and its application in the pricing of the American bargain under mood disorder
Neda Das Vaz Department of Chemistry The use of oxime-paladissacle stabilized on clay and gold nanoparticles on starch as green catalysts in organic chemistry
Zahra Sepehri Department of Chemistry Synthesis of electrophoretic nanoscale molybdenum de-selenide structure on carbon fabric for using in high performance electrochemical supercapacitors
Mohammad Reghayati Minayi Earth Sciences Calculating the magnitude of the local earthquake in Turkey
Reza Chehel Miran Department of Physics An overview of the dispersion of spherical nanoparticles
Rasoul Kajouri Physics Department Phase alignment in the system of swimmers
Farzaneh Bahmani Chemistry Department Designing and manufacturing of electrodes based on bimetal / graphene nanotubes for use in high performance power storage systems.
Ali Omidi Mathematics Department Prediction of bankruptcy of companies accepted in Tehran Stock Exchange by machine learning methods
Asal Atakhani Physics Department Modeling the motility of motile cells
Somaye Habibzadeh Kojidi Mathematics Department Norm and operator inequalities with some applications
Mohammad Bagher Jahani Poshteh Physics Department Black Holes in Hořava-Lifshitz and Einsteinian Cubic Gravities: Thermodynamics, Phenomenology
Naeimeh Mohseni Physics Department Quantum Optical Proposals with Application to Quantum Computation, Simulation, and Metrology
Zohreh Khodakarami Chemistry Department Synthesis of N-heterocyclic carbenes and investigation of their coordination chemistry with group 11 metals
Ramin Zadali Biological Sciences Department Cloning and expression of heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90) gene from Acipenser persicus in the prokaryotic system
Parvin Rafighi Chemistry Department Application of nanocomposites for the investigation and analysis of some pharmaceutical and biological compounds
Morteza Jalalvand Physics Department Investigation of Hydrodynamic Effect of Wall on Diffusion of Colloidal Particles
Sahab Ebrahimi Earth Sciences Department Subsidence due to the Extraction of underground fluids in aquifers and oil fields Using the InSAR
Fatemeh Jafariani Physics Department Superimposing diffracted waves and its applications in measurement of force and temperature
Zeynab Bekshlou Chemistry Department Fabrication of Magnetic Hybrid Nanoparticles as Pickering Emulsion Stabilizer for Encapsulation of Phase Change Materials
Mohammad Mahdavi Physics Department Antibacterial activity of silver nanoparticles produced by thermal ion-exchange method
Samira Ghorbani Chemistry Department Synthesis and investigation of photophysical properties of multinuclear Cu(I) complexes with sulphur and phosphine ligands AND Synthesis and biological properties Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II) complexes with sulphur donor bidentate ligands
Pooria Omidi Physics Department Simultaneous group refractive index and thickness measurement of multilayer samples with Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography
Farshad Darabi Physics Department Potential Well Measurement of the Cylindrical Vector Beams
Mahdi Behnami Physics Department Generalized models of Weyl semimetals and surface states
Majid Ghanimati Chemistry Department Photocatalytic decomposition of H2S-containing media for hydrogen fuel production using nanostructure semiconductor materials
Akram Heydari Turkmani Chemistry Department 1) Unsymmetrically substituted manganse and iron porphyrins in catalysis of oxidation reactions 2) Diacid derivatives of symmetrically and unsymmetrically substituted porphyrins in photocatalysis of oxidation reactions and biological appplications
Roghayeh Dameshghi Mathematics Department Permanental ideal
Seyed Armin Mirzaki Ebrahimi Physics Department Study of Cancer Cells Using Metal Nano Particles in Optical Trap
Zahra Shahsavani Chemistry Department Synthesis of V2O5 / MnO2 Nanocomposite and Its Application as an Electrode in Supercapacitors
Batoul Hosseinzadeh Chemistry Dapartment Synthesis of Novel Metal-Organic Framework Based Nanostructures as Electrode Materials for High-Performance Electrochemical Supercapacitors
Fatemeh saghtchi Chemistry Department Synthesis and properties of chemically modified carbon nanotubes
Mehdi Kabiri-Samani Chemistry Department Manganese and Nickel Metal Oxides Nanostructures Deposition on the Porous Carbon Fibers and Graphene Modified Nickel Foam as Electrode Materials for High Performance Supercapacitors
Mahdi Sabahi Physics Department Study of civil structures using Fiber Optics
Amir Hossein Masominia Physics Department Machine learning in neuromorphic system based on memristor
Shiva Nejad Ebrahim Department of Biological Sciences Study the propensity of protein’s sequence to create cavity in 3D strucure
Abdorreza Goodarzinick Physics Department Investigating robustness of functional networks of the Ising model against structural defects
Mohammad Amin Izadi Physics Department Enhancement of the Surface Plasmon Polariton Propagation Length on a Silver Coated PPLN Planar Waveguide using DFG based OPA
Samaneh Rahbar Physics Department Simulation of the entropic force exerted on a flat wall by a semiflexible polymer chain using the Molecular Dynamics method
Issa Sardivand Chegini Chemistry Department Oxidation reaction catalyzed by metallophorphyrin under various aqueous and non-aqueous condition
Amirhossein Esmaili Biological Sciences Department Study of 26s Proteasome Protein Complex Activity in MCF7 Cell Lines Cultured in Two Ways; 2D & 3D Cell Culture
Aida Saghatchi Physics Department Spin susceptibility and Gilbert damping in magnetic impurity
Asgar Farrokhineya Mathematics Department Analysis of time-Varying delay systems by hybrid of block –pulse functions and biorthogonal multiscaling functions
Hadi Sehhat Department of Information Technology and Computer An Analytical Model for Sparse Network Coding
Amin Sahraei Chemistry Department Study of the interaction of citrate-stabilized gold and silver nanoparticles with human alpha-1-acid glycoprotein
Dr. Ayub Bokani Lecturer, Central Queensland University, Sydney, Australia Enabling Efficient and High Quality Zooming for Online Video Streaming using Edge Computing
Vazhe Rahimi Mathematics Department Penalty Method for Pricing a Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit
Behnaz Maboudi Department of Information Technology and Computer Network Throughput Analysis of Security Approaches in Network Coding
Rezvan Khosravi Physics Department Transition to synchrony in degree-frequency correlated Sakaguchi-Kuramoto model
Zahra touri Physics Department Synchronization in neural hybrid networks
Somaye Fathollazade Physics Department Dynamic Light Scattering Microscopy with Circular Airy Beams
Faraz Safarzadeh Physics Department A Review on The Theory of Quantum Entanglement and its Applications in Quantum Communications & Information
Leila Saheb Mohamadi Physics Department Generation of Nondiffracting Beams with Arbitrary Convex Trajectories Using Caustic Geometry
Negin Shafeiee Physics Department Construction of a Lensless Off-axis Digital Holographic Microscope
Zahra Fathi Mathematics Department Numerical Solution of Elliptic Partial Differential Equation via Galerkin Method
Iran Seydi Physics Department Ground-state and dynamical properties of ultra-cold quantum gases with long-range interactions
Jamal Bayat Physics Department Multi optical trapping using the Petal-like beams
Fereshte Samadi Taheri Physics Department Study of the behavior of a vibrated granular chain in confined condition and comparision to polymer
Mohsen Samadzadeh Bonab Physics Department Effect of viscosity on rotation of gold nanoparticles in optical trap
Faezeh Ashoori Physics Department Synchronization in neural hybrid networks
Ahmad Rahimi Physics Department Quantum dynamics of a magnetic rare-earth atom inside a free electron gas
Hadi Khanjani Physics Department Geometrically-induced gauge fields in two dimensional materials
Masoumeh Ghaderi Aghideh Mathematics Department Some Topics in Numerical Radius
Zahra Shahidi Mathematics Department Torsion-free Aluffi Algebras and The Jacobian Ideal of Projective Points
Yasra Kaverizadeh Chemistry Department Synthesis of Binary Cobalt Oxide-Zinc Oxide and Manganese Oxide Nanostructures and Investigation of Their Behavior as Electrode Materials in Electrochemical Supercapacitors
Siamak Abdollahi Aghdam Chemistry Department Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Carbon/Conducting Polymer/Metal Oxide Ternary Nanocomposite as Electrode Material for High Performance Electrochemical Supercapacitors
Lida Zolghadr Chemistry Department Comparing the Ionic Association, Structure, and Transport Properties of Two [emim]+ Based Ionic Liquids using MD Simulations: (Triflate Anion versus mesylate)
Leila Khoeini Chemistry Department Nanoscale Insights into the Structure and Transport Properties of the Ionic Liquid [TBP][Lys] and its Mixture with CO2:A Molecular Dynamics Study
Soraya Ebrahimi Chemistry Department Study the effect of replacing [PF6]− with [PF3(C2F5)3]− on the local structure, transport and thermodynamic properties of [bmim]+-based ionic liquids using MD simulations
Rohollah Khoshlahni Physics Department Topological properties and dynamics of skyrmions in antiferromagnetic nano-structures
Amir Ghari Physics Department The mass model of galaxies using galactic rotation curves
Mohsen Ranjbar Hajee Abadi Earth Sciences Department Upper Crustal Seismic Anisotropy Study in the Southeastern Termination of the Zagros Mountains
Neda Maghsoudi Mathematics Department Optimal Control of Conditional Value-at-Risk in Continuous Time
Morteza Nazari Chemistry Department Diphosphine-Bridged Platinum(II) Complexes Derived from Luminescent Cycloplatinted Homologues: Investigation on PtPt Interaction
Seyed Erfan Babaee Earth Sciences Department Kinematic Analysis of the Main Fault in the Cenozoic Formations in Avaj-Ajan Area

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