Joint scholarship from IASBS and ICTP

Joint scholarship from IASBS and ICTP for 2 years: taught program with master thesis.

a) Eligible students will hold a BSc in Physics by September 2019, with excellent grades, and not more than 30 years old,
b) The course will be in Persian with some optional sources in English,
c) Successful candidate will receive 1200 Euro / year for two years, with which must cover their accommodation, insurance, and subsistence,
d) Successful candidates must start the program September 2019 and must submit their thesis by September 2021.

Application procedure [DEADLINE 20th May 2019]:
Please read the following instructions carefully. Any incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

1. Please carefully prepare a resume/CV which must include:
• Your grades achieved in courses so far, or attach your transcripts,
• Any presentations, posters, of communication of physics or research, and awards,
• Any research you have been involved in or other projects in physics,
• A short statement of why you want to apply for the MSc Physics and what you want to achieve, and your future plans after the masters.
THIS MUST BE SENT IN one email to physics[at] with the subject line APPLICATION_nameofstudent - CV (ICTP-IASBS program).

2. Please ask TWO of your professors to write a short (no more than one page) letter of recommendation, which must include:
• What level the student is within the class, and a rank of the student compared to others in the class (e.g. Top 10 students, top 20 students),
• The professors estimation of the likelihood of success of the student in a research environment, and any further information on the academic and research ability of the student.
THESE MUST BE SENT BY PROFESSORS directly to physics[at] with the subject line REFERENCE1_nameofstudent, REFERENCE2_nameofstudent.

These (CV and 2 letters of recommendation) must be received by 20th May 2019. Later applications will not be considered. Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed in June 2019. If you have any questions please do email us at m.zarei.iasbs[at]


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