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Computer Center policies

IASBS Computer Center policies

Mail server provisions:

  • The maximum space for people’s inboxes is as follows:
    20 Gigabytes for Faculty members and post-doc researcher
    10 Gigabytes for non-faculty staff
    5 Gigabytes for students
    500 Megabytes for guests and graduated students whose accounts are extended based on their request
  • Users are to check the received emails and move them to relevant folders. Provided that the inbox occupied space exceeds the above mentioned values, a message will be displayed to inform the user about over-consumption of his/her eligible space.
  • Spam and virus folders should frequently be checked in order to transfer the emails that are moved there by mistake. The rest of the emails in these folders are to be removed.
  • Users should sometimes change their email passwords to keep their accounts more secure. Passwords have to be 6 to 8 characters long and are to include both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and at least one non-alphanumerical character.
  • Confine the sending rate of high size emails.
  • Users have to be careful about the content of the bulk emails which they send to groups. Sending irrelevant and in-appropriate contents can lead to blocking of their email accounts.
  • The deleted emails are moved to “Trash” folder. Hence users are expected to frequently empty their trash folder to keep their space as free as possible.
  • Sending bulk emails to the groups “allpeople” and “students” is provided with written permission from the superiors and provided to the computer center.
  • The maximum allowed size for every email is no more than 25 Megabytes.

Computer site provisions:
  • Please keep silent and do not make noises to respect other people’s rights.
  • Turn your cellphones off or set them on silent mode while at the site.
  • Rearrange the chairs and tables before leaving the site.
  • Do not eat or drink at the site.
  • Do not move the mice, keyboards, chairs or other stuff.
  • Do not bring anyone else with your-self into the site.
  • Do not use the site facilities for chatting, gaming or entertainment. The site is prepared is only for scientific use.
  • Do not tilt the chairs
  • Do not sit on the tables.
  • Do not open the printer tray and do not pick up papers.
  • Do not laugh aloud while at the site.
  • Keep the site clean.
  • Do not put your bag or books on the table or the computer case.

Regulations of using the Printers:
  • Users can use the link https://webprint.iasbs.ac.ir for accessing the printer portal. After logging into the system using the same account as they use for accessing their email, they are able to upload their desired PDF files for being printed.
  • Users are allowed to print only scientific content, and printing irrelevant content is not permitted.
  • Users’ printing accounts are automatically charged with 2500 IRR daily.
  • To be able to print more pages, users should purchase printing credit. The price for every single-page and double-page print is respectively 4000 IRR and 5000 IRR. The computer center collects the money for charging the printing accounts on the behalf of the private sector which is responsible for the providing the printing services.
  • The maximum quota which can be allocated to every user cannot exceed 300000 IRR.
  • After graduation the Print Account will be deactivated.

Internet connectivity Regulations:
  • Users can use their accounts to log into the WIFI account using wifi.iasbs.ac.ir to be able to use the internet connectivity.
  • The accounts of the users who over-use the internet or use it for non-scientific or illegal tasks, will be blocked.

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