Prof. Sobuti with Prof. Khajehpour

Prof. Yousef Sobouti

Professor Yousef Sobouti Is the founder of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic sciences (IASBS). He established the IASBS in 1993. Here is a brief overview of Professor Sobouti’s academic and professional background.

Born in Zanajn, Iran, August 23, 1932.

Educated at
Tehran Univ., Iran,1950-1953;
Univ. of Toronto, Canada 1958-1960;
Univ. of Chicago, USA, 1960-1963;
B.Sc. Physics, 1953;
M.A., Physics 1960;
Ph.D., Astronomy and Astrophysics, 1963.

Professor of physics, Shiraz University and IASBS;
Associate Fellow,
Center for Theoritical Physics and Mathematics, AEOI, Tehran, 1986-to date;
International Center for Theoritical Physics(ICTP), 1987-1993;
Member, Scientific Council, ICTP, 1988- 1991

in High school in Tabriz, Iran, 1953-1956;
Cartographic Organization of Iran, Tehran, 1956-1958;
Lecturer, Dept. of Mathematics, Univ. of Newcastle on Tyne, UK, 1963-1964;
Visiting Associate Professor,
Dept. of Physics, Shiraz Univ., 1964-1971;
Dept. of Astronomy, Univ. of pennsylvania, 1968-1969;

Founder of
Birouni Observatory, Shiraz, Iran, 1971,
Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, Zanjan, Iran 1991.
Visiting Professor Dept. of Physics, Northeastern Univ., Boston, 1991-1992

Prof. Mohammadreza Khajehpour

Professor Mohamad Reza Heidary Khajehpour is an emeritus professor of physics at the IASBS and the co-founder of this university. He acted as the Vice-Chancellor of the IASBS since its establishment until he retired in 2007. Here is a brief look at Prof. Khajehpour’s academic and professional background.

Born: January 16, 1942

Higher Education:
B.Sc. (Physics) Tehran University, Iran (1964)
M.Sc. (Physics) Tehran University, Iran (1966)
M.S. (Physics) Florida State University, U.S.A. (1972)
Ph.D. (Physics) Florida State University, U.S.A. (1975)

Theses and Dissertation:
Resonance Particles, M.Sc. Thesis, Tehran University (1966)
Phase Transitions in Uniaxial Ferromagnets, M.S. Thesis, Florida State University (1972)
Multicritical Phenomena in Anisotropic Ferromagnets, Ph.D. Dissertation, Florida State University (1975)

Employment and Positions:
1955-68 Programmer and Surveyor, Taleghani-Daftari consulting Engineers, Tehran, Iran
1965-75 TA and RA at Physics Dept; Fla. State University
1972-74 Part-time Programmer, Environmental Section, Florida Department of Transportation, Tallahassee, Fla
1975-81 Assistant Professor of Physics, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran
1981-84 Science Editor, Kharazmi Publishers, Tehran, Iran
1983-85 Director, Dena Publications, Tehran, Iran
1988-92 Assistant and then Associate Professor of Physics, Amir Kabir
University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
1992- Associate Prof. Physics, Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS), Zanjan, Iran
1992-2007 Deputy Director and Academic Dean, Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS), Zanjan, Iran
2004 Associate Prof. Physics, Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences

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