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Research Center for Basic Sciences and Modern Technologies (RBST)
Research Center for Basic Sciences and Modern Technologies (RBST) Section

Todays, the boundaries between disciplines has faded away and interdisciplinary research has become a trend which supprisingly, most innovations in modern technology areas comes from this approach. Inorder to accelerate these kind of researcs a setting is required to concenterate on interdiciplinary researches and assist their development. For this resean, Research Center for Basic Sciences and Modern Technologies (RBST) was established in 2003.
RBST includes the following four research groups:
Biophysics and Biochemistry group,
Nanomaterials group,
Mathematical Modeling group
Green Chemistry group
These groupes mostly focus on interdiciplinary projects with innovative approaches. Consequently, the RBTS aim to develop and expand the connection with industry and evolve the university-industry link. In fact, RBTS intend to fill the gaps between university and industry and it trys to make a situation inorder to accelerate and enlarge the cooperation between different parts of university and industry. Furthermore, it plans to develope laboratories and facilities for interdisciplinary research projects. As its first attempt, the high performance computing laboratory was set up to welcome researches.

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