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The Physics Department started its activity in 1992 as the first department of IASBS. The M.Sc. program was launched in 1992 with 3 faculty members and 7 students. In 1995, the first Ph.D. students were admitted to work on theoretical condensed matter physics, astrophysics and mathematical physics. After a while, graduate programs in experimental optics were established. In 2000, a 7-year program leading to a Ph.D. degree was established. After completing their undergraduate and graduate courses, the students in this program directly proceed to their Ph.D. thesis, thereby skipping the M.Sc. dessertation. At present, the Physics Department is the only place in the country offering this program. In the past seven years, the research activities have been extended to cover geophysics, and recently, experimental research in condensed matter physics has taken root in the Department in collaboration with the Optics Lab, the Department of Biophysics, and the Department of Chemistry.

The faculty members of the Department are mostly young and active in their field of research. Since its inception, the Department has had 233 graduates at M.Sc. level and 54 at Ph.D. level. Currently, the Department has 22 faculty members, 52 Ph.D. students, 96 M.Sc. students, and 7 undergraduate (the 7-year program) students. The Department has a very high student-to-faculty ratio of 7, unique among Iranian universities. Last year, the Department achieved the highest number-of refereed-publications-to-faculty-member ratio among all the physics departments in the country.

Members of the Physics Department actively participate at international conferences and workshops and collaborate with the international scientific community. MIT, University of Missouri, University of Southern California, University of Alberta in Canada, College-de France, University of Strasburg, Wuppertal University in Germany, the Inter-University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics, the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy, and the Max-Planck Institute, to mention some, are among the list of world-class universities and research centers with which the faculty have had research cooperation.

Dr. Ali Najafi

(Head of the Physics Department)

With about 30 faculty and 300 students, we conduct research in different branches of physics. Studying the emerged phases of matter, both soft and hard matter, classical and quantum optics and galactic scale physics are among our department activities. Reflected from the quality of education in physics department, many of our alumni are working in world ranked institutions.

Ph.D. Defense

Diffraction from radial gratings

Ali Mohammad Khazaei - Department of Physics
2019-09-22 14:00:00
Place: University Amphitheater

Ph.D. Defense

Diffraction of light beams from structured apertures separable in the Cartesian and polar coordinate

Davud Hebri - Physics, Department of
2019-09-17 14:00:00
Place: University Amphitheater

Ph.D. Defense

Self-Assembly of the Colloids in Nematic Liquid Crystals and External Fields Effects

Seyed Reza Seyednejad - Physics, Department of
2019-09-17 11:00:00
Place: University Amphitheater

M.Sc. Defense

Generating light carrying orbital angular momentum in multi-mode fiber by controlling the input fi

Hosein Koohjani - Department of Physics
2019-09-15 10:00:00
Place: Science House Amphitheater

Ph.D. Defense

Interatomic Potentials based on Artificial Neural Network: Structural and Thermal Properties of Matters

Hossein Tahmasbi - Physics Department
2019-07-23 14:00:00
Place: University Amphitheater

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