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Seminar on Quantum Computing and Next Generation Processors

Together with the Sobouti-Khajehpour Award ceremony in which the most influential iranian youngest researcher in computer science area receives the award, IASBS holds a one-day seminar on quantum computing and next generation processors.

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Meeting of the heads of the public relations of universities and research and technology centres of Region 3 held at the IASBS

The heads of the public relations departments of the universities, and research and technology centres of Region 3 met at the IASBS on Monday, 22 October 2018.

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Publication of Professor Yousef Sobouti’s paper in Journal of Physics Communications

Professor Yousef Sobouti’s paper entitled “An oscillator-representation of elementary particles” has been published in Journal of Physics Communications.

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The “Scientific Friends in Chemistry” project held at the University

The programme entitled “Scientific Friends in Chemistry” was carried out for Grade 11, male secondary school students in the Chemistry Department on 19 and 20 November 2018 with the cooperation of the Department of Education and the National Elites Foundation in Zanjan.

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Appointment of Dr Rashid Zareh Nahandi to the Assistant Administrator -Financial and Educational-Research vice-presidency

During a decree, Dr. Babak Karimi, The president of the IASBS, Dr. Rashid Zareh Nahandi, was appointed to the position of Vice-president Administrator, Finance and Educational Research.

Message from the president

This university has, in addition to its many attributes, been prominent in research, widespread international relations, having beautiful surroundings, respecting people, and creating opportunities for new ideas. IASBS has already taken long steps in this regard. Now, I hope, “together” we will be able to take longer strides to achieve “pedagogical excellence” and serve our “immediate community” and the whole nation in a “more tangible” manner while establishing wider and more goal-oriented international ties.

Prof. Babak Karimi

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Excerpts from the message of the IASBS Founder, on the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the university

Looking back at what we (students, faculty, and staff) have achieved together over 20 years, I am satisfied. IASBS is already an established institution, known and reputed nationally and internationally. Our faculty and students tackle cutting edge research problems and keep up a respectable publication record in the most reputable international journals.

Prof. Yousef Sobouti, April 2012

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