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The Physics Department is equipped with a collection of hardware and software facilities to carry out its educational and research goals and objectives. The physics department has a dedicated computational lab for modeling. The lab is used for educational and research purposes. It is equipped with Linux machines and a collection of software, such as COMSOL, VMD, …, and various Fortran and C++ codes.
In addition, the Physics Department has full access to the main computer network at IASBS, which serves over 300 Linux and Windows clients through an integrated LAN. Furthermore, two clusters of serial (parallel) machines in the High Performance Computing Laboratory (HPCLAB) with 16 (32) nodes are used to serve the computational needs of the faculty and students of IASBS.
The Department is equipped with the following facilities in various research laboratories:

  • UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer (Varian, Model: Cary 5E)
  • Lasers: Ar+, Nd:YAG, and He-Ne lasers
  • Fast oscilloscope
  • Fast camera
  • Precision balances
  • Anti-vibration tables (optical tables)
  • Optical tweezer
  • Optical microscopes
Additionally the metal spinning and turning-, electronics-, photography-, glass casting-, and heat treatment-workshops have been established in order to support all of research groups in the University. Also two LIDAR stations and atmospheric turbulence measurements have been placed in Campus for research purpose.

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