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Department of Biological Sciences was established in 2008 as the newest department of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences. At present, the department offers M.Sc. programs in biochemistry and biophysics and more than 120 students have been graduated from this department in these fields yet. The necessary measure are taken to provide new fields of study and higher level educational programs in modern biological and interdisciplinary sciences. In 2018, the first group of biochemistry and biophysics Ph.D. (direct entry from a bachelor’s degree to a Ph.D. program) students will start their study. The faculty members are also active in the field of cell biology and preparations are underway to establish graduate program in the field of cellular and molecular biology. So far, the department has hosted several scientific seminars on different topics such as Biophysics and Bioinformatics of Diabetes: Amyloid Frontier, Light and Biology, Cancer Cell Biology, Protein Folding and Stability, Annual Scientific Programs in Global Biophysics Week.

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