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Office for Scientific and International Collaboration (OSIC)
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Office for Scientific and International Collaboration (OSIC)

The Office for Scientific and International Collaboration (OSIC) has been established in order to expand and develop scientific relations with universities and scientific centres around the world. An attempt is made in this Office to provide the faculty and the students with timely and full information about the conditions for obtaining short-term and medium-term research grants at international scientific organisations. Workshops are held to familiarise both the faculty and the students with available and accessible grants and how to apply for them.

We also provide suitable information about the relevant fields of study at various IASBS departments and how to apply for admission as a non-Iranian student. The Office also endeavours to provide short-term study and research opportunities at the IASBS for foreign scholars and students in order to promote scientific Collaboration with universities abroad, and especially in the neighbouring countries.

OSIC Services for international students

The Scientific and International Collaboration Office endeavours to provide international students with the following services.

  • Advise candidates to apply for admission or to continue their education.
  • Obtain financial support and scholarships for international students.
  • Take steps to facilitate the issuance of visas, residence permits, and permission to leave the country.
  • Hold question and answer sessions with the university officials for international students.
  • Coordination with the Student Affairs Organisation of the Ministry of Science for the participation of students in the Ministry's cultural programmes.

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