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Geophysical research at IASBS is mainly focused on crustal seismology and tectonics of Iran, geodynamics, and interpretation of regional gravity and geomagnetic fields over iRan.

A major field of research in our department is the study of the crustal and upper mantle structure of Iran. Currently, we are involved in the following projects:

Determining the seismic velocity structure in central Alborz, and seismicity around Tehran
Determination of local magnitude scales for the Alborz, and NW Iran
Seismicity and active deformation in the Zanjan region
Receiver function analysis to determine the crustal structure in the western Zagros, eastern Iran, and East Azarbaijan Province
Crustal structure under the Talesh mountains and NW Iran

The second field of research focuses on understanding the dynamic processes that shape the structure and deformation of planetary lithosphere, and its interaction with the mantle. In particular, we use numerical modeling to investigate the following problems:

Deformation of continental crust in collision zones
Generation and migration of melt in mid-ocean ridges and in subduction zones
Formation of mare basalts on the Moon,
Effect of salt layers on the styles of deformation in the Zagros

In addition to the above fields, the members of the department have undertaken the task of re-processing the aeromagnetic data of Iran. Currently we are using this data to infer Curie depths in Iran, and to study the magnetic structure of the Jazmurian depression in south east Iran.

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