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Language Teaching Section Programs for students:

  • Undergraduate students of Computer Engineering:

    New students (the class of 1397) study Top Notch series. They are initially separated into two levels (pre-intermediate, intermediate) by a placement test. They should take the course from the second term for two terms, winter and spring. Top Notch is a complete English language education program for adults, which uses the latest educational method in the world and also prepares learners for international exams. Top Notch prepares students to communicate successfully and confidently with the outside world, including both native and non-native speakers. Longman Publication, one of the most reputable publishers in the world, released Top Notch series in 2006 on the international market. Top Notch received the best English teaching book award from the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP) in the same year. We use Top Notch 3rd Edition (2015) at this university, which prepares adults to interact confidently in English. It is a communicative English book that makes English unforgettable through the right input of language, intensive practice, and systematic recycling.

  • Master students of all majors

    New Students (in the class of 1397) should take English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course any season they can, during the first five seasons of their studies, This course is a three-credit course which is optional, and its grade, similar to other courses, is calculated in total average, and all Master's students must complete this course. The EAP course is an intensive, compiled, professional and skillful course that can help students’ study and research quality by facilitating the use of English-language resources and international communication. Thus, it is highly recommended to take this course in seasons prior to carrying out research. By considering needs assessment based on the English teaching experiences for a quarter of a century in IASBS, this course is designed to help students to be familiar with the language skills necessary for academic success and educational progress in academic settings. EAP consists of the following skills:
    • Getting acquainted with basic reading skills and the comprehension of scientific texts
    • Understanding the structure of the abstracts of articles and theses, and practicing them
    • Learning hundreds of commonly used words in scientific texts as well as general frequent words
    • Learning the basics of Email writing and writing required academic emails
    • Learning and practicing the general principles of academic presentations in English (including the correct pronunciation of the academic vocabularies relevant to students' field of study and research)
    • Writing scientific Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • Ph.D. Track students in Physics

    New Students (in the class of 1397) study Top Notch books. They are initially separated into two levels (pre-intermediate, intermediate) by a placement test. They take their general English courses from the first season of admission (971) to the sixth season (983) (for 2 years). Afterwards, when they have reached the Master's level, they study the EAP course (which Master's students of other majors pass).

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