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English Corner

With the cooperation of the Language section and Torkaman Library, English Corner has been updated with 160 English books. In this section, located in the northwestern part of Torkaman Library, some self-study sources are available for the interested students. The main books of this section are graded story books including 6 stages from beginner to advanced. In order to provide more information and guide to use the books, some brochures and an album have been prepared. Moreover, a poster has been prepared for the students on which they can express their feedback after they read the books.

Reading Circle

This program aims at contributing to improving the English proficiency of the students and other members of the university as an extra-curricular activity. This includes summary telling, discussion and other pertinent activities.

Free discussion

In order to provide an opportunity for the students to practice English speaking, free discussion groups have been organized. The discussions are mostly led by the students and supervised by an ELT instructor.

Academic presentations in English

Helping the students to prepare for giving presentations are among other activities carried out by the Language Teaching Group at IASBS. These presentations are offered by M.S. students who have completed an EAP where they have brushed up their academic skills.


The Language Teaching Group at IASBS runs several workshops all year round. Some of the past events include Post-mortem of a Presentation (How to Improve My Presentation), Email writings, Netiquette, How to Use a Dictionary, How to Improve My Vocabulary.

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