Mahdi Vasighi



Bioinformatics (Winter 2018)

Part 1: Introduction to Bioinformatics

Part 2: Molecular Biology Primer (DNA)

Part 3: Molecular Biology Primer (DNA, RNA & Transcription)

Part 4: Molecular Biology Primer (RNA, Proteins & Translation)

Part 5: Molecular Biology Primer (Protein structures)

Part 6: Protein Folding (Hydrophobic-Polar Model)

Part 7: Gene Regulation, Common biological databases

Part 8: Introduction to sequence analysis

Part 9: Substitution Matrices  

Part 10: Global and Local Sequence Alignment


Multimedia Systems (II) (Winter 2018)

Part 14: Basics of Digital Audio, Nyquist Theorem

Part 15: Basics of Digital Audio, Sampling and Quantization

Part 16: Basics of Digital Audio, Audio Filtering, Synthetic Sounds  [m-files]

Part 17: Coding of Audio, Predictive Coding

Part 18: Coding of Audio, Differential Pulse Code Modulation

Part 19: Basic Compression Algorithms (I)

Part 20: Basic Compression Algorithms (II)


Artificial Neural Networks (Fall 2017)

Part 1: Course information, Biological inspiration

Part 2: Activation Functions, Threshold Logic Unit

Part 3: ANN applications, Error Surface

Part 4: Perceptron Learning Rule

Part 5: Delta Learning Rule

Part 6: Multilayer Perceptron, Backpropagation Learning (I)

Part 7: Multilayer Perceptron, Backpropagation Learning (II)

Part 8: Practical aspects of MLPs, Generalization (I)  

Part 9: Neural Network Toolbox (MLPs), Generalization (II)

Part 10: Radial Basis Function Networks (RBFNs) (I)

Part 11: Radial Basis Function Networks (RBFNs) (II)

Part 12: Self Organizing Maps (I)

Part 13: Self Organizing Maps (II)

Part 14: Supervised Self Organizing Maps  

Part 15: MOLMAP, Learning Vector Quantization (LVQ)


Multimedia Systems (I) (Fall 2017)

Part 1: Course information and introduction

Part 2: Graphics/image data types

Part 3: Color Reduction

Part 4: Graphic Interchange Format (GIF)

Part 5: PNG and JPEG format

Part 6: Color Science, Gamma Correction

Part 7: color matching, XYZ color space

Part 8: Lab, HSV & HSL color spaces

Part 9: Printer Gamut, YUV & YCbCr color spaces

Part 10: Practical session (I), MATLAB primer

Part 11: Practical session (II), Image basics 

Part 12: Analog Video

Part 13: Digital Video

Human-Computer Interaction (Spring 2017)

Part 1: Course information, Usability

Part 2: Learnability

Part 3: Interaction styles

Part 4: Affordance, Consistency

Part 5: Visibility (I)

Part 6: Visibility (II)

Part 7: Efficiency (I)

Part 8: Efficiency (II)

Part 9: Predictive evaluation

Part 10: Safety: human error

Part 11: Safety: user control

Statistical Pattern Recognition (2016)

Part 1: Course information, Introduction to PR

Part 2: Bayesian Decision Theory, Introduction

Part 3: Bayesian Decision Theory, Discriminant Functions

Part 4: Operating Characteristic

Part 5: Maximum Likelihood Estimation

Part 6: Principal Component Analysis (I)

Part 7: Principal Component Analysis (II)

Part 8: Singular Value Decomposition

Part 9: Linear Discriminant Analysis (I)

Part 10: Linear Discriminant Analysis (II)

Part 11: Kernel Principal Component Analysis

Part 12: Multi-Dimensional Scaling, Isomap

Part 13: Feature Selection

MATLAB programming (Winter 2017)

Part 1: Course information, Introduction (Arithmetic, Variables, Vectors, Matrices))

Part 2: Vector operations, Output format, Loops, Decisions

Part 3: Common functions, Exporting and Importing data, Logical vectors

Part 4: Matrix operations, Strings

Part 5: Introduction to graphics

Part 6: 2D and 3D plots

Part 7: Functions, Sub-functions

Part 8: Structures, Cells, Graphical User Interface (part 1)

Part 9: Graphical User Interface (part 2)

Part 10: Graphical User Interface (part 3)