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Department of Computer Science and Information Technology was established in 2003 with the B.Sc. program in Information Technology and, immediately after, the M.Sc. program in Computer Science. Over the years our program is grown to direct Ph.D. in computer Science, M.Sc. with four emphases, undergrad program in information technology and computer engineering as well as a Ph.D. program granting from the next year. In addition, we plan to grant the M.Sc. degree in bioinformatics as an independent major in near future.

This department, in collaboration with both faculties and students, has followed high-level goals and succeeded to some extent. Representatives of these goals include effective and high quality research in industry and academia. Technical and scientific quality of our students is comparable with their peers in world’s top universities. The efforts and plans of the faculty and staff of this department towards students’ education ensure our alumni succeed in both industrial and academic environment. The faculty and students’ high motivation in learning and conducting research, and friendly academic environment are main characteristics of the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology.

Dr. Bahram Sadeghi bigham

(Head of the Computer Science and Information Technology Department)

Department of Computer Science and Information Technology focuses on novel, fundamental and applied academic topics of world quality which have both local and global applications.

M.Sc. Defense

Objectives of Minimizing Length and Maximizing Clearance Bi-objective Path Planning with

Arman Rouhani - Information Technology, Department of
2021-05-30 15:00
Place: Virtual

M.Sc. Defense

The Weighted Region Shortest Path Problem in Euclidean Space

Ashkan Safari - Information Technology, Department of
2021-03-06 14:00
Place: Virtual

M.Sc. Defense

Cls Structure Visualization with pre-Labeled Growing Self Organizing Mapsas

Maryam Sami - Information Technology, Department of
2021-01-04 17:30
Place: Virtual

M.Sc. Defense

Probabilistic Modeling of Alzheimer’s Disease Progression

Elahe Dorani - Information Technology, Department of
2021-01-03 18:00
Place: Virtual

M.Sc. Defense

Sentiment Analysis on Twitter Data using Deep Neural Networks

Niloufar Fayyazi - Information Technology, Department of
2020-12-29 15:30
Place: Virtual

M.Sc. Defense

Shape ‎Maching ‎Using ‎Bhattacharyya ‎Metric

Faranak Nasiripour - Information Technology, Department of
2020-10-21 15:00
Place: Virtual

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