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IASBS ranks 7 in paper publication on Nature-Index

The IASBS has ranked 7 in publication of papers on Nature-Index among Iranian universities and higher education institutions.

According to the Islamic World Science and Technology Citation and Monitoring Institute (ISC), Iranian universities and institutions of higher education managed to raise Iran’s position to the 32nd place on the Nature Index list in 2023 by publishing 554 papers in the world's top 82 natural science journals. According to this report, 112 universities and higher education institutes of the country have participated in the publication of these articles. With an index of 4.96, the Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences has achieved the 7th rank among the universities and higher education institutions of the country.

The IASBS management congratulates all members of the University, especially the students, faculty and researchers, and the University’s scientific assistants, and wishes them ever increasing success in their future endeavours.

Mon, 29 Apr 2024

IASBS ranks 7 in paper publication on Nature-Index

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