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Dr AliAkbar YazdanPour new Head of Mathematics Department

The IASBS President, Prof Babak Karimi, has appointed Dr AliAkbar YazdanPour as the new Head of the Mathematics Department. In his letter of appointment, Prof Karimi has expressed hope that, with the Almighty's blessings, Dr YazdanPour will be able to succeed in carrying out his allocated responsibilities. In a separate letter, the IASBS President expressed gratitude and praise to the former Head of the Mathematics Department, Dr Salman Khodayifar, for his service during his term in office.

The letter of appointment calls on Dr YazdanPour to pay special attention to the following points,

   * optimum use of and economy in all departmental resources,

   * constant evaluation and review of the courses, elimination of redundant courses, and promotion of the quality and effectiveness of the syllabi at the master’s and doctoral levels,

   * suitable planning to promote international collaborations in the Mathematics Department along the general policies for the internationalisation of the University,

  * growth and development of the educational activities of the Mathematics Department, especially in regards to interdisciplinary and applied fields,

   * efforts to maintain a calm educational environment under the current special conditions of the country, and

   * provision of reports on progress and achievements made in each of the above cases at regular intervals and proposal of solutions to overcome future challenges.

Mon, 20 May 2024

Dr AliAkbar YazdanPour new Head of Mathematics Department

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