Zahra Faraei

Zahra Faraei

Assistant Professor

Department of Physics

Physics Building, Room 249
z.faraei [at]


I am a theoretical physicist working on quantum states of matter. My research interests lie in the field of superconductivity and topological phases of matter. I investigate the proximity-induced and manipulation of superconducting phases in various topological materials, such as Weyl and Dirac semimetals, which host exotic quasiparticles and surface states. I also explore the effects of coupling between different types of superconductors, such as scalar and pseudo-scalar superconductors, and the resulting phenomena, such as chiral Josephson effect, half vortices and Majorana modes. I employ group theory methods to analyze the symmetry properties and classification of these systems. I use various theoretical tools, such as Green’s function, tunneling formalism, Landau quantization, and Josephson effect, to study the electronic and transport properties of these systems.

Research Interests

Superconductivity in Weyl and Dirac semimetals.
Proximity induced superconductivity in topological materials.
Josephson arrays of new kinds of superconductors with novel symmetries.
Chiral Josephson effect.
Group theory in Condensed matter physics.

Research Keywords

Weyl superconductor, Pseudo-scalar superconductivity, Proximity effect, Chiral Josephson current, Half vortex, Fermi arc, Andreev reflection, Andreev bound states, Relativistic quantum mechanics 


Quantum mechanics


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