Davood Abbaszadeh
Davood Abbaszadeh
+98 24 3315 2011
d.abbaszadeh [at] iasbs.ac.ir
Physics Building, Room 011


Our research inspiration is to find out how the mother nature works, and how to convert the gained knowledge into real-life applications that contribute in building a sustainable society. Experimental condensed matter has the potential to overcome the challenges like energy production and its smart consumption that is a prerequisite to build such a society. The emerging new field of semiconducting organic/inorganic/molecular materials provides a huge potential to develop electronic devices that could help with the development of nature-friendly energy harvesting systems and its smart consumption. We, here, do experimental/modelling researches on the new generation of the electronic devices.

Research interests

Electronic Materials,
Organic Semiconductors,
Carrier Transport in Semiconductor,
Molecular Electronics,
Light-Emitting Diodes,
Solar Cells,


Solid State Physics

Advanced Semiconductor Physics

Classical Mechanics


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